iOS Apps for Productivity and Fun (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

Bring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to this hands-on, interactive workshop as together we explore some of the best applications for productivity as well as fun available for Apple's mobile devices! Free as well as commercial apps will be demonstrated including applications for education, photo sharing, news, social networking, digital storytelling, musical expression, art, audio recording, games, and more! If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you'll learn about a wealth of useful as well as engaging applications in this dynamic workshop. (Audio recordings from the 29 Dec 2010 workshop are available.)

Workshop Resources:

  1. Pre-workshop preparation steps for face-to-face and virtual participants.
  2. Etherpad Backchannel (we'll use this since Chatzy appears to be down this morning)
    1. Our workshop backchannel on Chatzy (for both face-to-face and virtual participants)
  3. Our workshop Channel (for virtual participants only)
  4. Workshop participants: Please complete this short iOS App Interest Survey!

Participants are encouraged to download and install all FREE apps listed below PRIOR to the workshop. (F = free, C = commercial)

Showcased Apps by Category


  1. EverNote (F)
  2. DropBox (F)
  3. Office HD (C - iPad only)
  4. Google (F)
  5. Instapaper (F)

Mindmapping / Concept Mapping

  1. Popplet Lite (F - full version is $5))
  2. iThoughtsHD (C - $10)
  3. MindNode (C - $6)
  4. Mindmeister (C - $8)

Photo/Video Capture

  1. Pano (C)
  2. Action Camera (C)
  3. Pro Camera (C)
  4. Ustream Broadcaster (F)

Photo Editing

  1. Camera Bag (C)
  2. Color Splash (C)
  3. Mono Phix (C)
  4. PhotoShop Express (F)
  5. DipTic (C)
  6. Instagram (F)
  7. PhotoGene (C)

Digital Storytelling

  1. Storyrobe (F)
  2. Sonic Pics (C)
  3. StoryKit (F)
  4. Animoto (F)
  5. ReelDirector (C)
Creative Commons License

Workshop curriculum by Wesley A. Fryer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.