Podcast Subscriptions

The following is a list of podcast subscriptions collected and used by Wesley Fryer. This list was exported as an OMPL file from PocketCasts, converted to HTML with this parser/converter, and then "cleaned up" (with podcast names added) using TextWrangler. Learn more in Wesley's Feb 7, 2014, post, "A Renaissance in Educational Podcasting."

updated 28 July 2016

If your podcatcher supports it you can directly import the OPML file from July 2016.

  1. [RSS] Science Friday
  2. [RSS] Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast (BBC World Service)
  3. [RSS] MacCast
  4. [RSS] WHYY Radio Times
  5. [RSS] The Takeaway (NPR)
  6. [RSS] Fuel for Educational Change Agents
  7. [RSS] NPR Technology
  8. [RSS] Story Collider
  9. [RSS] The WHY Factor (BBC)
  10. [RSS] NPR Education
  11. [RSS] RUConnected
  12. [RSS] Speed of Creativity Podcasts
  13. [RSS] RadioLab
  14. [RSS] TED Talks
  15. [RSS] STEMseeds
  16. [RSS] The History Hour (BBC)
  17. [RSS] The Documentary (BBC)
  18. [RSS] Learning in Hand
  19. [RSS] Science in Action (BBC)
  20. [RSS] Click (BBC)
  21. [RSS] This I Believe
  22. [RSS] Tech Tent
  23. [RSS] WPC Nashville Sermons
  24. [RSS] Tech Chick Tips
  25. [RSS] Elements (BBC)
  26. [RSS] Bit by Bit (discontinued)
  27. [RSS] Fuel for Educational Change Agents
  28. [RSS] World Affairs
  29. [RSS] Brooklyn Tabernacle (sermons)
  30. [RSS] Security Now
  31. [RSS] Fresh Air (NPR)
  32. [RSS] MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus
  33. [RSS] TWiT
  34. [RSS] Philip DeCourcy Sermons
  35. [RSS] MichEd
  36. [RSS] Engines Of Our Ingenuity
  37. [RSS] OK Math
  38. [RSS] Story of the Day (NPR)
  39. [RSS] Heart and Soul (BBC)
  40. [RSS] The Committed
  41. [RSS] WP Tavern
  42. [RSS] Clockwise
  43. [RSS] Edu All Stars
  44. [RSS] Serial
  45. [RSS] Philosophy Bites
  46. [RSS] Adam Jones
  47. [RSS] STARtalk Radio
  48. [RSS] Mac Power Users
  49. [RSS] Hardcore History
  50. [RSS] Bedley Brothers
  51. [RSS] Room 108 Oklahoma City
  52. [RSS] This American Life
  53. [RSS] EdGamer
  54. [RSS] TED Radio Hour
  55. [RSS] TWiT Video
  56. [RSS] Joseph Prince
  57. [RSS] Intersections
  58. [RSS] Incomparable Radio Theater
  59. [RSS] Check This Out with Ryan and Brian
  60. [RSS] Stories From School
  61. [RSS] House of EdTech
  62. [RSS] Write Well, Sell Well 2015
  63. [RSS] FPC Edmond Sermons
  64. [RSS] Note to Self
  65. [RSS] EdTech Takeout
  66. [RSS] EdTech Situation Room
  67. [RSS] Horizontal Transfer
  68. [RSS] TechLandia
  69. [RSS] Hidden Brain
  70. [RSS] School Stories
  71. [RSS] Visions of Education
  72. [RSS] BAM Radio Network
  73. [RSS] The EdTech Podcast
  74. [RSS] EdSurge On Air
  75. [RSS] Radio Motherboard
  76. [RSS] Wired Educator
  77. [RSS] Surprisingly Awesome
  78. [RSS] Reasonably Sound
  79. [RSS] Embedded
  80. [RSS] Pritzker Military Museum & Library Podcasts

updated 10 June 2016

  1. [RSS] Science Friday
  2. [RSS] TeacherCast Broadcasting Network
  3. [RSS] Exchanges - Ideas and Argument Podcast
  4. [RSS] MacCast - For Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks
  5. [RSS] Radio Times
  6. [RSS] Medal of Honor with Ed Tracy
  7. [RSS] The Takeaway
  8. [RSS] Fuel for Educational Change Agents
  9. [RSS] Technology : NPR
  10. [RSS] Discovery
  11. [RSS] The Story Collider
  12. [RSS] BLASTcast
  13. [RSS] The Why Factor
  14. [RSS] Stories of Faith Podcast
  15. [RSS] Education : NPR
  16. [RSS] RUConnected
  17. [RSS] Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts
  18. [RSS] Radiolab
  19. [RSS] cutting edgucation
  20. [RSS] TEDTalks (video)
  21. [RSS] iVengers Radio
  22. [RSS] STEM Seeds Podcast (audio)
  23. [RSS] The History Hour
  24. [RSS] Speaking of History
  25. [RSS] The Documentary
  26. [RSS] Learning in Hand
  27. [RSS] Science in Action
  28. [RSS] Click
  29. [RSS] This I Believe: Podcast
  30. [RSS] Tech Tent
  31. [RSS] Westminster Presbyterian Church Nashville, TN, Podcasts
  32. [RSS] Tech Chick Tips
  33. [RSS] Elements
  34. [RSS] bit by bit
  35. [RSS] World Affairs
  36. [RSS] November Learning Podcast Series
  37. [RSS] AU2AZ Podcast
  38. [RSS] Brooklyn Tabernacle Sermon Podcast
  39. [RSS] Security Now (MP3)
  40. [RSS] Fresh Air
  41. [RSS] MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus (Audio)
  42. [RSS] The EdReach Network
  43. [RSS] This Week in Tech (MP3)
  44. [RSS] Philip De Courcy - SermonAudio.com
  45. [RSS] #michED Podcast Archives
  46. [RSS] Engines Of Our Ingenuity
  47. [RSS] The OKMath Podcast
  48. [RSS] Story of the Day : NPR
  49. [RSS] Nebraska Educational Technology Association Podcast
  50. [RSS] Heart and Soul
  51. [RSS] Remarkable Chatter
  52. [RSS] The Committed: A Weekly Tech Podcast
  53. [RSS] WordPress Weekly
  54. [RSS] Upgrade
  55. [RSS] Clockwise
  56. [RSS] EduAllStars
  57. [RSS] Serial
  58. [RSS] Philosophy Bites
  59. [RSS] Adam Jones Education Podcast: Stories from an Experiential Educator
  60. [RSS] Write Well, Sell Well Conference
  61. [RSS] StarTalk Radio
  62. [RSS] Mac Power Users
  63. [RSS] Health and Medical Podcasts
  64. [RSS] SparkChasers: Teaching through the Creative Mindset
  65. [RSS] Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
  66. [RSS] The Bedley Bros. EdChat
  67. [RSS] The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast | Podcast Strategy | Podcasting Tips | Media Hosting
  68. [RSS] Room 108 Oklahoma City
  69. [RSS] This American Life
  70. [RSS] EdGamer
  71. [RSS] TED Radio Hour
  72. [RSS] iOS Today (Video-LO)
  73. [RSS] Joseph Prince Audio Podcast
  74. [RSS] Intersections - Oklahoma
  75. [RSS] Incomparable Radio Theater
  76. [RSS] Check This Out with Ryan and Brian
  77. [RSS] Stories From School
  78. [RSS] House of #EdTech
  79. [RSS] Write Well, Sell Well 2015 Recordings
  80. [RSS] First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, Oklahoma
  81. [RSS] Note to Self
  82. [RSS] The EdTech Take Out
  83. [RSS] EdTech Situation Room by @techsavvyteach and @wfryer
  84. [RSS] Horizontal Transfer
  85. [RSS] Techlandia Radio
  86. [RSS] Hidden Brain
  87. [RSS] Successful Schools Podcast
  88. [RSS] Visions of Education
  89. [RSS] Voices of VR Podcast - Designing for Virtual Reality
  90. [RSS] My BAD
  91. [RSS] AppleInsider Podcast
  92. [RSS] The Edtech Podcast

updated 8 Feb 2014

If your podcatcher supports it you can directly import the OPML file from Feb 2014.

  1. [RSS] NPR Topics: Story of the Day Podcast
  2. [RSS] This I Believe: Podcast
  3. [RSS] Golden Spiral Media All Inclusive Feed
  4. [RSS] NOVA Vodcast | PBS
  5. [RSS] November Learning Podcast Series
  6. [RSS] Tech Chick Tips
  7. [RSS] University of Chicago Human Rights Program Distinguished Lecturer Series
  8. [RSS] This Week in Tech (MP3)
  9. [RSS] Security Now (MP3)
  10. [RSS] Teachers Teaching Teachers
  11. [RSS] Medal of Honor with Ed Tracy
  12. [RSS] TEDTalks (video)
  13. [RSS] Science Friday Audio Podcast
  14. [RSS] Fuel for Educational Change Agents
  15. [RSS] Learning in Hand
  16. [RSS] NPR Topics: Technology Podcast
  17. [RSS] WHYY-FM: Radio Times Podcast
  18. [RSS] BLASTcast
  19. [RSS] K12 Online Conference
  20. [RSS] K12Online07 Audio Podcasts
  21. [RSS] K12Online08 Audio Channel
  22. [RSS] K12Online08 Video Channel
  23. [RSS] LifeChurch.tv: Craig Groeschel iPod/iPhone
  24. [RSS] APM: The Story
  25. [RSS] Nebraska Educational Technology Association Podcast
  26. [RSS] Practical Principals
  27. [RSS] SOS Podcast
  28. [RSS] Science @ NASA Feature Stories Podcast
  29. [RSS] Shifted Learning
  30. [RSS] Speaking of History
  31. [RSS] Stories of Faith Podcast
  32. [RSS] Tony Campolo Podcast
  33. [RSS] NPR Programs: Fresh Air Podcast
  34. [RSS] University of British Columbia (UBC) Podcasts
  35. [RSS] Voices on Genocide Prevention
  36. [RSS] WM-CSPD August Institute 2011
  37. [RSS] bit by bit
  38. [RSS] NPR Topics: Education Podcast
  39. [RSS] Spitzer Audio Podcasts
  40. [RSS] KUHF-FM: Engines Of Our Ingenuity Podcast
  41. [RSS] Mosaic Audio Podcast
  42. [RSS] BBC World Service Documentaries
  43. [RSS] NOVA scienceNOW
  44. [RSS] Radiolab from WNYC
  45. [RSS] GigaOM Podcasts
  46. [RSS] Philip De Courcy - SermonAudio.com
  47. [RSS] Technophilia Technology Podcast
  48. [RSS] EdReach EdGamer
  49. [RSS] How Did This Get Made?
  50. [RSS] Brooklyn Tabernacle Sermon Podcast
  51. [RSS] #michED Podcast Archives
  52. [RSS] AU2AZ Podcast
  53. [RSS] TeacherCast Broadcasting Network TeacherCast Podcast
  54. [RSS] iVengers Radio
  55. [RSS] RUConnected
  56. [RSS] Fuel for Educational Change Agents
  57. [RSS] Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts
  58. [RSS] EdReach
  59. [RSS] cutting edgucation
  60. [RSS] First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, Oklahoma - audio
  61. [RSS] Edupodder Podcast
  62. [RSS] IMM TechKnowCast
  63. [RSS] Learning with Technology Weekly