BYOL Pre-Workshop Preparation

The following information applies to face-to-face participants for BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) workshops offered by Wesley Fryer for Speed of Creativity Learning LLC. Each individual attending a workshop should be registered online by the respective deadline. Separate preparation information is available for virtual / remote attendees and will be sent by email.

Notify if providing your own lunch

Lunch is provided during the workshop, and the cost is included with the registration fee for face-to-face participants. If you are providing your own lunch, please contact Wesley to let him know.

Review the workshop location and parking lots

The location for the May 10th Google Tools workshop is Northeast Technology Center's Claremore campus, located at 1901 N. Hwy 88, Claremore, OK 74017. More information about finding our workshop location is available on the NETech website.

Register and Confirm a Free Google Account

Each participant should create and confirm a free Google account BEFORE the workshop date. A Google email (Gmail) account is NOT required, but a Gmail account can be used as a Google Account. Other email addresses can be used to create a Google account also. Refer to Google Accounts Help for additional assistance and FAQs related to Google Accounts.

Install Recommended and Required Software

Each participant should bring a "wifi-capable" laptop to the workshop to use. This workshop is hands-on, so each person needs their own laptop to practice skills as well as collaborate digitally with other participants during class activities. Laptops can run any operating system (Mac OS X, Windows XP / Vista / 7, or Linux) but must have at least one current web browser installed and configured for use. In addition to verifying your laptop is clean (malware-free) you should install the following free software programs on it, prior to the workshop. Laptops are NOT provided during the workshop, participants must bring their own!

Recommended Software

  1. Google Chrome: Chrome is Google's web browser, and is fast as well as web standards-compliant.
  2. FireFox: FireFox is a free web browser from Mozilla and is also web standards-compliant.

Required Software

  1. Google Earth: If you are participating in a "Google Maps & Google Earth" workshop, you must download and install the latest version of Google Earth BEFORE the workshop. Because Google Earth is a large program, it can take awhile to download depending on your Internet connection speed.

Note Google Earth software is NOT required for participants in the "Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations and Drawing" workshop.

Plan to arrive by 8:30 am!

Workshops begin promptly at 9 am, so plan to arrive no later than (NLT) 8:30 am to get your laptop on the local wifi network and prepare for a great day of learning! Remember to bring your laptop AC adapter also. AC power strips will be provided for participants to plug-in. Coffee and water will be provided throughout the day, in addition to lunch.

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If you have questions, please contact Wesley Fryer at either:

  • 405.562.6175
  • email: workshops [at] speedofcreativity [dot] org