Digital safety and security are very important to me, and are themes about which I frequently tweet, present, and discuss on the weekly webshow/podcast I co-host. Here are recent resources from presentations I've shared on security. Please share these with others!

Security advice for Everyone

  1. Use a password manager (LastPass, 1Password, etc) and save all your passwords / logins into it.
  2. Setup / configure / use 2 step verification ("multi-factor authentication") on every account you can, especially all your email accounts and every account which has financial information, credit/debit cards.
  3. Use a long/complex, UNIQUE password on every website / app. The only way to do this as a relatively 'normal' human being is to use a password manager.
Online Safety 101 for Families by @wfryer (Oct 2019)
Social Media and Internet Safety for Parents by @wfryer (Feb 2018)