Remote Sites: Virtual Workshop Preparation Instructions

The following instructions are provided for VIRTUAL participants in workshops offered by Wesley Fryer. Each site should be registered to participate, and the site coordinator / registrant will be emailed an access password to use during the workshop.

Presentation Computer with Speakers, 1 iOS device and Computer per Participant

You will need 1 computer, connected to external speakers or a room audio system, to show the workshop presentation video and audio. The best configuration (for optimal viewing by participants) is to connect the presentation computer to an LCD projector or a large format television.

Starting in May 2011, workshops will be held using videoconferencing alternatives (H.323 endpoints and Skype) via the Blue Jeans Network. Scheduled connections are listed on, individual participants will receive passcodes prior to events.

If more than one person is attending at a virtual site, ONLY ONE videoconference connection should be made to the Blue Jeans Network meeting. This connection can be made EITHER with:

  1. H.323 videoconferencing equipment (Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, or other IP compliant videoconferencing codecs)
  2. Skype (on a desktop, laptop, or iOS device.)

Utilized videoconferencing equipment should include functional:

  1. audio speakers (for system output)
  2. local microphone(s)
  3. local video camera(s)

Someone at each remote site should participate in the pre-workshop TEST CALL to insure audio, video, and data sharing are working in advance.

Each participant should get his/her own laptop on the local wifi network for Internet access prior to the start of the workshop.

Whitelist websites on your network

The following websites and web services will be used during this virtual workshop. Please verify these websites are accessible via your web browser IN THE LOCATION where participants will attend the workshop, AND also test the sample video with the same projector or television you will use during the actual workshop.

  1. Blue Jeans Network:
  2. Skype:

Ports required for videoconferencing must also be opened by your local network administrator. Please test your system and connectivity in advance, in addition to participating in our test call prior to the workshop, to insure your system is functioning with audio and video.

Install Recommended Software

Each participant should bring a "wifi-capable" laptop to the workshop to use. This workshop is hands-on, so each person needs their own laptop to practice skills as well as collaborate digitally with other participants during class activities. Laptops can run any operating system (Mac OS X, Windows XP / Vista / 7, or Linux) but must have at least one current web browser installed and configured for use. In addition to verifying your laptop is clean (malware-free) you should install the following free software programs on it, prior to the workshop. Laptops are NOT provided during the workshop, participants must bring their own!

Recommended Software

  1. Google Chrome: Chrome is Google's web browser, and is fast as well as web standards-compliant.
  2. FireFox: FireFox is a free web browser from Mozilla and is also web standards-compliant.
  3. Mikogo: Windows and Macintosh versions are available (For multi-participant groups, each person does not need to run Mikogo. 1 projector and Internet-connected computer in the workshop room can be dedicated to the Mikogo screenshare.)

Participants in the "iOS Applications for Productivity and Fun - iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch" are encouraged (but NOT required) to install all FREE applications listed on the workshop handout / curriculum page on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch which they will bring and use during our actual workshop.

Plan to arrive by 8:30 am!

Workshops begin promptly at 9 am, so plan to arrive no later than (NLT) 8:30 am to get your laptop on the local wifi network and prepare for a great day of learning! Remember to bring your laptop AC adapter also. AC power strips should be provided for participants to plug-in at your virtual workshop location. Refreshments are not provided for remote sites. :-)

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If you have questions, please contact Wesley Fryer at either:

  • 405.562.6175
  • email: workshops [at] speedofcreativity [dot] org