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Assignments for Week 12: 6 April 2011

We will not meet face-to-face this week, but WILL have a required, online assignment. Here are your "to-do's" for week 12.

  1. View Tony Vincent's 2010 K-12 Online Conference Presentation, "Project Based Learning in Hand." (alternate link)
  2. Login to the class blog (for your section)
    1. 9 am class (section 20449) - t4tspring2011.edublogs.org
    2. 11 am class (section 20448) - kidblog.org/T4TSpring2011Fryer
  3. Complete your Screencasting assignment (detailed on week10) and post both a LINK to your Screencast as well as the EMBEDDED version on our class blog. Include a short (1 paragraph) reflection about the Screencasting assignment, your screencast, and what you learned.
  4. Write and share on our class blog:
    1. A 3 paragraph reflection about Tony' presentation and project-based learning following our video reflection rubric.
    2. Include at least one Creative Commons licensed image on your post. See the Image Resources section of our class wiki for site suggestions and guidelines.
  5. No later than Friday, April 6th at midnight CST:
    1. Take Quiz #6 on WebCT, to turn in your Screencasting Assignment.
    2. Take Quiz #7 on WebCT, which is our third video reflection checkpoint quiz.
    3. NOTE: These Quizzes will be added in WebCT by 5 pm on Wednesday, April 6th!

Assignment Checklist

By student request, an Assignment Checklist for T4T is available, which you can use to make sure you've completed all our assignments to date. This will be kept up to date through the end of the term.

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