Talk with Media 4 Jesus

These are resources shared by Wesley Fryer with an Upendo Kids International mission team at First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, Oklahoma, on March 1, 2011. Interested in having Wesley share this presentation with your group or organization?


  1. Biblical Focus:
    1. Matthew 4:12-17 - Jesus preached his message at the crossroads of civilizations, we are called to speak out in the digital crossroads of our age (Reference: Living in Capernaum - Follow the Rabbi)
    2. 1 Peter 3:15-16 - Always be ready to share how God is at work in your life, and how it is you came to claim the name of Jesus for salvation (Personal testimony is the foundational method for sharing Jesus’ gospel)
  2. Media Sharing Beliefs:
    1. Words are Powerful
    2. Record and Share Quickly: Short term memory doesn't last long!
    3. Web-based Platforms: The most powerful for interactive sharing

Goal today: Increase awareness about a variety of digital tools for powerful sharing on the global stage!


  1. Spaces Wesley shares:
    2. Eyes Right Blog
    3. Moving at the Speed of Creativity
    4. @wfryer
    6. More:
  2. Text & More:
    1. Posterous - attach anything to email! (5 Photo Stories,, 3 Minutes About Jesus)
    2. Tumblr (,
  3. Stories with Images and Audio
    1. VoiceThread (example)
    2. StoryKit (free iOS app, example from Suzhou)
  4. Photos
    1. Flickr (wfryer on Flickr)
  5. Audio
    1. AudioBoo (free iOS app, wfryer)
    2. Cinch (free iOS app, wfryer)
  6. Mobile Video Editing iPhone Apps
    1. Splice (example)
    2. ReelDirector (example1 and example2)
    3. iMovie (example)
  7. PixelPipe (upload media to multiple target locations)
  8. Ustream (free iOS broadcaster app - example last night!)

Additional resources

  1. Christian Digital Storytelling and Blogging in the Post-Modern World (Oct 2010 presentation for Holland Christian Schools in Holland, Michigan)
  2. "Share Your Ideas: Platforms for Publishing"
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