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As learners and educational leaders it is critical that we share our ideas with others. Publishing our ideas online should not be limited to just "final drafts" of our work, we also should share ideas that occur to us during the day, great videos we see, student work in progress, and more. If you can send email, you can publish rich media with Posterous. In this session we'll learn specifically how to create and use a personal publishing website with your email account. We'll also explore other tools for creating and sharing curriculum under open licensing terms (open educational resources.) It's critical ALL teachers learn to share ideas online and PUBLISH curriculum using rich media. Come learn how.

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An archived Elluminate version of this presentation, shared on 18 November 2010 for the Global Education Conference, is available.

Additional links for CMTC10 (Manchester, NH) 30 Nov 2010

  1. Talk with Media
  2. 5 Photo Stories for Educators Blog (Flickr Group)
  3. Computers in the Classroom (fall 2010) and Technology 4 Teachers (spring 2010)
  4. BSA Recruiting Video (QuickTime format, from Fresh Brains summer camp, courtesy of Rushton Hurley, Next Vista for Learning)


  1. Where is your classroom's interactive portal? (communication tools)
  2. How are you defining your professional digital footprint?


  1. Throwing away 6th grade - or - The case for digital portfolios
  2. Reputation Management and Social Media (26 May 2010 PEW Research)
  3. Socioclean (more background)

Exemplary, Interactive Classroom Learning Portals

  1. Maria Knee: Classroom blog and wiki (Kindergarten teacher, Deerfield, NH, USA - Twitter @mariak) - more about Maria and her classroom!
  2. Rachel Boyd: Classroom wiki (Principal/Head, 6-7 year old teacher last year, New Zealand - Twitter @rachelboyd) - Rachel's K12Online09 keynote!
  3. Eric Langhorst: Professional and Classroom blog (8th grade US History teacher, Liberty, MO, USA - Twitter: ELanghorst)
  4. Darren Kuropatwa: Scribe Post Hall of Fame (High School Calculus/Pre-Calculus Teacher, Math Department Chair, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Exemplary Educator Professional Portfolios

  1. Shannon Miller (with Google Sites, Library Media Specialist at Van Meter School, Iowa)
  2. Andrea Smith, (with Weebly, an international teacher in Asia)
  3. Rachel Boyd (with WikiSpaces, New Zealand)
  4. Tom Barrett (with Flavors, the United Kingdom)

Exemplary Online Showcases of Student Work

  1. with Tumblr: Rock Our World
  2. with Posterous: The Digital Wall from the Academy of Art in San Francisco

Top Recommendations for Interactive, Online Idea Sharing

If you can send email and make a phone call, you can use these digital tools!

  1. Posterous
    1. Wesley's Posterous (more Posterous background) - Wes' parents' Posterous (subscribers)
    2. Mr Thompson's Classroom Blog
    3. AP World History
    4. Jim Peterson's blog (Holland, MI)
  2. iPadio
    1. Joe Dale's iPadio (trip to Brittany - more details on his post)
    2. Example of Rachel's drawing

Other Platform Options

  1. Wikis
    1. WikiSpaces for Educators
    2. Google Sites
  2. Blogs
    1. KidBlog
    2. Classroom Blogmeister
    3. EduBlogs

Other Examples

  1. Mr Jackson's Classroom website on Weebly (6/7 grade Geography)
  2. Superhero Stories shared on Cinch (1st grade)

Other Resources

Technology 4 Teachers (Spring 2010 Pre-Service Teacher Curriculum)

Celebrate Oklahoma Voices and COV Online Learning Community by Storychasers

K-12 Online Conference

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Storychasing Literacy - Iowa 1:1 April 2010