Newton's Laws of Classroom Blogging

Description: Just like Newton's Laws of Thermodynamics, there are Newtonian laws of classroom blogging. In this session we will explore why and how you can elevate writing in your classroom connecting to an authentic audience. The five laws are: All ideas get better with feedback. An authentic audience improves writing. Blogs expand the walls of the classroom. Blogs encourage sharing. Blogs encourage relationship building. Session resources are available on

Interactive Writing: The Foundation of the House

This session is all about the WHY of classroom blogging!

Newton's Laws of Classroom Blogging - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Find and Share Your OWN Stories About the Power of Blogging

  1. "The Fire" by Alex (2011)
  2. "What is a Champion?" by Cooper (2012 - backstory)
  3. True Stories of Open Sharing by Alan Levine (@cogdog)

  1. All ideas get better with feedback.
  2. An authentic audience improves writing.
  3. Blogs expand the walls of the classroom.
  4. Blogs encourage sharing.
  5. Blogs encourage relationship building.

Classroom blogs should NOT be:

  1. Used as an assignment collection tool (it's not Google Classroom!)
  2. A space where article titles are identical (it's not about coerced writing)
  3. A forum for one-way communication / content delivery (it's not TV!)

Keys for Classroom Blogs

  1. Everyone has a story to tell
  2. Student voice is critical and fragile
  3. Teachers need to model reasoned written risk taking (model blogging for your students - "If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn." - Charlie Parker)

Recipe for a Classroom Blogging Revolution

  1. Start Blogging Personally: Create a sandbox blog: personal/professional (Example: Eyes Right / Speed of Creativity) or a "family learning blog" (Example: Learning Signs)
  2. Blog with your Students: Create a classroom blog (Examples: Shelly Fryer's classroom blogs for 2015-16 and 2014-15)
  3. Encourage Colleague Blogging: Create a School-wide Learning Showcase Blog (Examples: Yukon Public Schools, Casady School)
  4. Sponsor a Student News Blog at School: 2015-16 Student News Challenge by Storychasers
  5. Amplify Student Work Statewide (Examples:, Nebraska Loves Public Schools)
  6. Digital Sharing: Attend the first annual "Digital Sharing Conference" in Oklahoma City in November 2016!

More Resources on the WHY of Classroom blogging: