Sharing Student Work Online

When students at school use media to “show what they know and can do,” they need safe, adult-moderated, online spaces to share their digital work with others and receive thoughtful feedback. Learn how to to use free websites like KidBlog and Blogger, along with apps like Easy Blogger Jr., to share student work online and moderate feedback. Discuss how to help students “compose quality comments” for others. Explore workflows to safely use a classroom YouTube channel to publish and share student work, also with moderated feedback. See examples of school and classroom permission forms for publishing student work. Get practical ideas for “normalizing” the regular, open publication of student work at your school for moderated feedback from peers, parents, and others around the world.

Sharing Student Work by @wfryer ‎(Oct 2015)‎

Shared notes from the 21 Feb 2015 #gafesummit in Oklahoma City are available, along with an audio recording (shared to YouTube) of that session.

YouTube Playlist: 6 Examples of Student Work


  1. Verify student and parent permission granted for publishing work AND photos online
    1. Sample permission forms
  2. Use & share class photos on Flickr or another photo sharing site
    1. Collection of 45 Flickr albums from STEM class (2013-2015)
  3. Use and share student work on a classroom Google Site or other website
    1. Mrs. Fryer: (@ptOKC - @sfryer)
    2. Dr. Fryer: (@iesSTEM - @wfryer)
  4. Start sharing student work on a classroom YouTube Channel

Why "Show What You Know With Media?" (Slideshare from 16 Feb 2015)

Wes' Classroom YouTube Publication Procedures (more info)