Classroom Home Base Websites

Session Description: Every classroom teacher and instructor needs a “home base” website* to share links, videos, announcements, and other resources online. A home base website answers the common question, “Where can I find this later?” It can also facilitate sharing and collaboration among teachers. Learn how to use Google Sites (free) to create a dynamic, media-rich “home base” website accessible from mobile devices as well as laptop/desktop computers. View examples of websites like these (here and here) currently used by classroom teachers. Learn to create a “web bookmark” to your classroom home base site on an iPad for quick student access. Explore strategies for sharing “curiosity links,” videos, lesson plans, calendars, and other kinds of media.

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Why a Home Base?

  1. Every student need to know (digitally speaking) where to start
  2. Sharing links: Saving Time
  3. Sharing Videos
  4. Communicating with Parents
  5. Sharing Lesson Ideas with Other Teachers

Basic Skills

  1. Create a new site
  2. Add text
  3. Add a link
  4. Insert an image
  5. Embed a Video

Examples: Google Sites

  1. Classroom website of grade 5 teacher Keri Smith:
  2. Classroom website of grade 3-4 teacher Shelly Fryer: (@ptOKC - @sfryer)
  3. STEM Classroom website of Wesley Fryer: (@iesSTEM - @wfryer)
  4. Library of David Elementary
  5. Pre-AP Biology (Misty Williams, Yukon PS, Oklahoma)
  6. LOTS of classroom Google Sites (Diigo list) via @kylepace & his Google Sites workshop

Examples: WordPress

  1. Grade 4 Classroom - Western Academy of Beijing (via @Phillip_Cowell)
  2. Grade 5 Classroom: Math/Science class of Michelle Towles

Examples: Weebly

  1. Manhattan High Mathematics Department (Kansas)

Examples: Other Platforms

  1. High School Chemistry (Jim Askew, Crescent PS, Oklahoma) - not really designed 'mobile friendly' but an incredible example of openly shared high school digital curriculum

Google Sites How To

  1. Google Sites Resources by EdTechTeam member Michael Wacker (@mwacker)

Also see my breakout session curriculum: Mobile Apps & Curriculum for Your Class

* Thanks to Maria Henderson for originally sharing the idea of calling a classroom website like those described here a "home base" website at the June 2011 TCEA Area 7 conference in White Oak, Texas.

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