Unit Plans

For your unit plan assignment, you will create a model lesson plan following the provided Unit_Plan_Template.doc file on the "Intel Teach to the Future" CD. You will submit this final lesson plan BOTH:

  1. In WebCT for a grade in Technology 4 Teachers
  2. As an artifact in Passport for completion of your Teacher Education Program

CD Resources to Review and Use

Bloom's Taxonomy was revised in 2001 to put CREATE at the top, and make each level a VERB.

Creative Commons License

Technology 4 Teachers (T4T) by Wesley A. Fryer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at wiki.wesfryer.com/t4t.

Open, review, and use the following resources on your "Intel Teach to the Future" CD.

  1. Curriculum Resources / Thinking_Skills / Revised_Blooms_Taxonomy_Words.doc
  2. Curriculum Resources / Thinking_Skills / Gardner_Blooms_Matrix.doc
  3. Curriculum Resources / Student_Samples / (different examples)
  4. Curriculum Resources / Unit_Portfolios / (examples for your grade level)
  5. Curriculum Resources / Unit_Portfolios / Unit_Plan_Template.doc

Your Unit Plan Must

  1. Be complete (including Oklahoma PASS standards)
  2. Require the creation of a student technology product requiring higher order thinking skills (could be Scratch, cannot be just "make a PowerPoint on...")
  3. Use language from Revised_Blooms_Taxonomy_Words.doc