1. Take our 2nd Blog Reflection CheckPoints quiz on WebCT NLT (no later than) midnight, Tuesday March 8, 2011.
  2. Please write at one THOUGHTFUL comment on your UCO blog buddy's blog. (This can be on their week8 post or another one.)
  3. Spent at least ONE HOUR outside of class creating a second original, creative project in Scratch which "TELLS A STORY."
  4. Write and share a post on our class blog (for your section) which links to your shared project on the Scratch website AND includes a reflection on what you learned during this Scratch project experience.
    1. 9 am class (section 20449) - t4tspring2011.edublogs.org
    2. 11 am class (section 20448) - kidblog.org/T4TSpring2011Frye
  5. START your final Scratch project. Remember to use our Scratch Resources page. Try to make something which reflects creativity and computational thinking.
  6. Optional: Contribute to our Scratch Assessment Brainstorm.
  7. Optional: Register to attend the Heartland eLearning Conference at UCO March 7-8!
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