1. Make sure you sign up on on our UCO Blogging Buddies Google Spreadsheet.
  2. Please write at one comment on your UCO blog buddy's blog. (This can be on their week6 post or another one.)
  3. Google Reader Assignment:
    1. Follow the instructions on this FAQ post to organize the 10 feeds you subscribed to with Google Reader for Week4.
    2. Share your folder of feeds as a Google Reader Bundle.
    3. Submit the direct link to your Google Reader Bundle for Quiz 2 in WebCT by Tuesday, Feb 22nd at midnight CST.
  4. Create a profile on the Scratch website: scratch.mit.edu
  5. Browse the featured projects on the Scratch website, download one and study the scripts they used.
  6. Login to the class blog (for your section)
    1. 9 am class (section 20449) - t4tspring2011.edublogs.org
    2. 11 am class (section 20448) - kidblog.org/T4TSpring2011Fryer
  7. Write and share on our class blog:
    1. A post sharing the LINK to the featured Scratch project you downloaded, and a brief reflection about what scripts they used / what you learned as a result of exploring this project.
    2. Include at least one Creative Commons licensed image on your post. See the Image Resources section of our class wiki for site suggestions and guidelines.
  8. Continue exploring the Scratch Software resources on our class wiki and thinking about the kinds of projects YOU want to create with Scratch in upcoming weeks!
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