My Windows Applications

I really prefer NOT to run any variant of MS Windows if I can avoid it, but sometimes I can't. Here are the apps I like to install and run when I must use Windows. All programs listed here are available free. I've installed all these on my Dell Mini10 netbook running Windows 7 Premium Home Edition. Note PhotoStory3 must be installed in compatibility mode for older Windows platforms.

  1. AVG Free edition
  2. All My Apps (batch installer used for the following)
    1. Chrome
    2. FireFox
    3. Gimp
    4. Audacity
    5. iTunes
    6. Skype
  3. ZScreen (screenshot program, can publish to Flickr)
  4. Open Office
  5. Evernote
  6. PDF Creator
  7. Windows Live Writer, MovieMaker, Family Safety and Silverlight (available as part of Windows Live Essentials)
  8. PhotoStory3
  9. Windows 7 USB DVD Creator Tool (from Microsoft) or WinToFlash (Create bootable USB installers)
  10. AT&T Communications Manager Software or Sierra Wireless Watcher Software
  11. Chameleon Boot Loader or EasyBCD Software (free bootloaders for running multiple operating systems)
  12. Zune Software
  13. Mikogo
  14. Stuffit Expander
  15. Tux Paint
  16. Lego Universe

Miguel Guhlin has a much more extensive and helpful list of apps in his post, "Must Have Windows Software" from 10 January 2010.

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