Wesley's Mac Apps Archive - Feb 2010

This is an archive of my old Macintosh Applications page, saved on 27 February 2010. A more updated version is available.

Mac Applications

The following is a fairly complete list of applications I have recently installed on my Macbook laptop, in addition to Apple pre-loaded software like iLife, Photobooth, etc. I created this for folks who may be interested in downloading / obtaining additional applications for their Mac computer(s) and for my own use, when I have to install/reinstall software. These are listed in alphabetical order, and include web links to each application. The following codes apply: C = Commercial, F = Free or Open Source, N= No longer available as far as I know. (Last updated: 21 February 2010)

These screenshots show all my currently installed applications (as of 21 February 2010) except Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor, and DVD Studio Pro. Applications installed in my Utilities folder (like QuickTime Player 7) are also not shown.

Audacity - F (audio editor for podcasting)

Audio Hijack Pro - C (capture audio from any application)

Call Recorder - C (installs as part of Skype)

Camtwist - F (permits different video sources to be selected during Ustream)

CombinePDFs - F (Combine multiple PDF files into a single document)

Cooliris - F (web photo gallery visualizer)

Cyberduck - F (ftp client for uploading files)

Disk Inventory X - F (shows hard drive utilization info)

DVD Studio Pro - C (ships with Final Cut Studio Pro)

EverNote - F (client-based, web-based and iPhone based notetaking application)

FeedForAll - C (RSS feed creator)

ffmpegx - F (audio and video converter)

FileMaker Pro - C (database)

Final Cut Pro - C (pro-level video editing)

Firefox - F (extensible web browser)

Flickr Uploadr - F (batch photo uploads and meta tagging software)

Flip4Mac - F (video codecs)

Flock - F (extensible and social web browser)

Fluid - F (Run webapps as desktop apps - based on Safari webkit, similar to Prism)

Gawker - F (time lapse movies)

Google Earth - F

GraphicConverter - F (Photo editor, can be registered as shareware but free version is fully functional)

Handbrake - F (rip DVDs to iPod and iPhone format)

iMovie 6 - F (this is the original iMovie application, not iMovie HD)

iSquint - F (compress videos in iPod format, available now as open source PunyVid)

iStat Menus - F (menu bar performance graphs)

iWork - C (Includes Keynote, Pages and Numbers)

Jungle Disk Monitor - F (monitors use of Amazon S3 usage)

Levelator - F (level audio in podcasts)

MacFreeLance - C (invoice and billing software)

MarsEdit - C (offline blogging tool)

Monitor Mode - F (show live video from DV source)

MPEG Streamclip - F (import DVD clips to MPEG4)

MS Office 2008 - C

NeoOffice - F (Macintosh port of OpenOffice - complete office productivity software, a replacement for MS Office)

Perian - F (free tool for viewing more online web video formats)

Prism - F (run web apps as desktop applications)

ProfCast - C

QuickTime Pro - C

Remote Desktop Connection - F

Reunion - C (family tree / geneology)

Scratch - F (great environment for kids to program visualizations, tell stories, make games)

ScreenFlow - C (screencasting)

SeaMonkey - F

Seashore - F (open source Mac port of the Gimp photo editor, but doesn't require X11)

Second Life - F

Sierra Watcher - F (software to configure and use a Sierra Wireless cell phone network card)

Silverlight - F (Video codec from Microsoft used by NetFlix for instant video viewing)

Skitch - F (snap, draw, share - GREAT screenshot creation tool, supports direct web-posting to Flickr)

Skype - F (IM, VOIP, videoconferencing)

Slife - F (time tracking and management software)

Snapz Pro X - C

StuffIt Expander - F

SWF & FLV Player - F (pro version upgrade available like QuickTime Pro)

Switch - F (audio converter software)

TextWrangler - F (text editor, I use this multiple times per day, can't live without it)

TubeTV - F (download YouTube videos in QuickTime/iPod compatible format)

TuxPaint - F (open source KidPix)

TweetDeck - F (Adobe Air Twitter client)

VLC - F (video player)

VMWare Fusion - C (run Windows on Mac)

Windows Media Components for QuickTime - F

XDCAM Transfer Software - F (from Sony, import MP4 video to Final Cut)

XMeeting - F

I also have created a chronological listing of applications as I re-installed them on a new hard drive in May 2008.

Applications I once used but don't anymore:

3D Weather Globe - C

Acorn - C (image editor)

Adobe PhotoShop - C

Adobe Soundbooth CS3 - F

Adium X - F (multi-protocol Instant Messenger)

Alarm Clock - F

AppleWorks - C

Backup - C (included with .Mac)

Bento - C (I tried the demo version but didn't buy)

Big Bang Board Games - C

Carbon Copy Cloner - F (hard drive imaging program, also permits backup of individual folders)

ccPublisher - F

Comic Life - C

DiskWarrior - C

Dreamweaver - C

DVDCapture - F

EarthBrowser - C

Ecto - C

EndNote - C

Frames - C (stop-motion digital storytelling)

Garmin Bobcast - F (Garmin GPS transfer program)

Garmin MapManager - F (Garmin GPS map software)

Gimp - F (open souce image editor)

Gizmo Project - F (IM/VOIP like Skype)

Google Notifier for Mac - F

Google SketchUp - F

Google Video Player - F

GraphicConverter - C

ID3 Editor - C

Inbox or Midnight Inbox - C (GTD Organizer)

Inspiration - C

iShowU - C (screencasting)

iStory Creator X - N (now iWriter)

iWriter - C

Jing - F (free screencapture and screencasting)

Juice - F (podcatching)

KeyWebX - N

Kid Pix Deluxe 3 - C

LEGO Digital Designer - F

Levelator - F (audio tweaking software)

LimeWire - F

Marble Blast Gold - C

MS Office 2004 - C

Nanosaur 2 - C

NeoOffice Remote - F (permits you to control NeoOffice presentations with your Apple Remote, and other programs using the same keyboard shortcuts)

NetGlance - C

NetLogo - F

Noble Avatar - F (create a custom avatar)

Nvu - F

OmniOutliner - C

OmniDazzle - C

Ourmedia Publisher - F

Pandora - C (I run this as a webapp with Fluid)

Parallels - C

Plaxo - F (I definitely DO NOT recommend Plaxo.)

PodNova - F (I don't use this software anymore, but do use the Podnova website-- I use Juice Receiver with iTunes instead)

PopPop - C (arcade style game)

ProScope HR - C (requires ProScope)

Quicken - C

RealPlayer - F

SketchFighter - C (fun game with sketch drawings)

Sketchpad (Geometer's Sketchpad) - C

SMART Board Software - C (free to download install, license requires you have a SmartBoard)

Songbird - F

Stanza - F (eBook desktop reader and converter app)

SubEthaEdit - F (free for educators)

TaskPaper - C (to-do lists)

TinkerTool - F

TuneTagger - C (tag iTunes songs)

Twitterific - F

Type to Learn Jr. - C

Ubercaster - C (podcasting)

UpperBlip - F (upload video to Blip.tv)

Ustream Producer - F (high definition webcasting)

Vidalia (part of Tor) - F

Virtual Box - F

Worms 3D - C

Xpod - N

Xslimmer - C (reduce the size of Mac applications by deleting unneeded parts)

Yahoo! Messenger - F

These are the application icons I keep in my dock:

My Dock icons 2 January 2009

These are screenshots of my dock and finder quicklaunch icons in November 2007:

My Mac OS 10.5 Dock icons

These are the applications I use the Finder's quick launch area for:

Quick launch applications in OS X Finder

Miguel Guhlin, on his collected writings page, has several great lists to Mac applications also:

The Tao of Mac's Switcher's Application Guide also has good links.

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