Wesley's Mac Apps Archive - Dec 2010

This is an archive of my Macintosh Applications page from December 2010.

Macintosh OS / Apple Computer Applications

Update 23 Dec 2010: These apps have been comprehensively updated to include all my current OS X apps.

Update 23 Nov 2010: A screenshot of all the MacOS apps I have currently installed is available on Flickr.

Update 23 Sept 2010: I have listed this applications in the order in which I re-installed them / installed them after doing a clean install of my operating system in late February 2010, using Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. I reinstalled these, more or less, in "priority order" in terms of the applications I use the most / need the most. I do love and use both iLife and iWork, but they were installed first because I was offline / without Internet access when I started my "clean installation" process.

The following codes apply: C = Commercial, F = Free or Open Source, N= No longer available as far as I know.

  1. iLife '09 (C) - Multimedia creation and sharing
  2. iWork '09 (C) - Productivity software: I love Keynote's smooth video embedding for presentations
  3. Sierra Watcher (F) - cell phone data card connection software, for 881 with AT&T
  4. Chome (F) - fastest web browser on the Mac
  5. MarsEdit (C) - offline blog post editor
  6. Skitch (F) - screenshot annotation tool which can post directly to Flickr
  7. TextWrangler (F) - text editor with powerful GREP search and replace capabilities
  8. Cyberduck (F) - ftp client
  9. FireFox (F) - extensible web browser
  10. Growl (F) - background notification service
  11. Diigo Toolbar (F) - FireFox extension
  12. Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark (F) - Chrome extension
  13. Flickr Desktop Uploader (F) - bulk image upload to Flickr
  14. Audacity (F) - multi-track audio editor
  15. Office 2008 (C) - productivity software: I opt for a custom install with Word, PPT and Excel - English versions only.
  16. Evernote (F) - cloud-based, synchronized note application for desktops and mobiles
  17. CombinePDFs (C) - utility for combining multiple PDF files (shareware: 1st 1000 pages are free)
  18. MPEG Streamclip (F) - video format converter, handles FLVs too
  19. Perian (F) - video codec support for QuickTime
  20. Seashore (F) - Mac port of open source image editor, The Gimp
  21. VLC Player (F) - media player which includes codecs required for Handbrake
  22. Handbrake (F) - DVD ripper / encoder (convert DVDs to iPhone/iPod compatible MP4 format)
  23. RipIt (C) - DVD ripper, gives fewer options than Handbrake, but has simpler interface and can rip some challenging-to-rip DVDs
  24. Tales of Monkey Island (C) - game, part of a MacHeist bundle I bought
  25. FeedForAll (C) - creates and publishes XML podcast feeds
  26. Evom (F) - download YouTube videos for offline viewing and convert to multiple formats (extra codecs are installed when you install the app)
  27. Screenflow (C) - create screencasts with excellent zooms and PIP effects (Screenr is my fav site/tool for Screencasting, but Screenflow is #2)
  28. Stanza Desktop (F) - convert documents to eBook format readable by Stanza for iPhone
  29. Soundflower (F) - re-route audio channels for recording and webcasting / broadcasting
  30. Audio Hijack Pro (C) - record any audio
  31. TubeTV (F) - download flash-based videos and convert to QuickTime
  32. Flip4Mac (F) - video codec for playing WMV files
  33. Backoff (F) - disables iTunes sync for iPhone
  34. Skype (F) - audio and video conferencing
  35. CamTwist (F) - permits video source changing, useful for Ustream webcasts
  36. Acorn (F) - basic image editor (similar to Seashore)
  37. Google Earth (F) - client-based geo application
  38. Picassa (F) - basic image editor for cropping and resizing, as well as organizing and sharing photos - from Google, an alternative to iPhoto
  39. Stanza for Mac (F) - convert files to ePub and other formats to read as eBooks on the free Stanza eBook reader for iOS devices
  40. Kompozer (F) - basic webpage editor / HTML editor
  41. Calibre (F) - Create and manage eBooks
  42. PDFsam (O) - merge and split PDF files
  43. Astrill (C) - commercial VPN service for laptops and iOS devices, free to download, but costs to use
  44. ABBYY FineReader Express Edition for Mac (C) - OCR scanning software
  45. Adobe Flash Player (F) - Play Flash-format videos
  46. Adobe Reader (F) - Read PDFs with Adobe-supported features
  47. iDemo (C) - iOS device screensharing via ScreenSplitr (*more info)
  48. Facetime (F) - Make Facetime videoconference calls to iPhone4 phones
  49. FrameByFrame (F) - Stopmotion moviemaking software
  50. Google Chrome (F) - fastest web browser available
  51. Google SketchUp (F) - 3D modeling / design
  52. LEGO Digital Designer (F) - computer-based lego brick building
  53. macFreeLance (C) - create and manage invoices
  54. MAMP (F) - install and run Apache, MySQL and PHP locally
  55. Microsoft Silverlight (F) - plug-in for Silverlight streaming videos, like NetFlix
  56. Call Recorder for Skype (C) - record Skype audio and video calls
  57. NeoOffice (F) - Open Office productivity software for Mac
  58. Adobe Air (F) - run Air apps
  59. Ning Network Archiver (F) - Archive Ning Network files
  60. Quicken Mac 2007 (C) - financial software
  61. SAM Animation (F) - stopmotion video software
  62. Scratch (F) - iconic programming and digital expression
  63. SMART Software (F) - requires SMART board license key
  64. Switch (F) - compress and convert audio files into multiple formats
  65. TeamViewer (F) - remotely control other computers
  66. Tinyumbrella (F) - tool for local iOS restoration
  67. TuneUp (F) - clean up iTunes audio files with cover art and correct meta data
  68. Ustream Producer (F) - broadcast and switch sources on Ustream
  69. VLC (F) - open source media player
  70. Vuze (F) - bittorrent client
  71. Freemind (F) - concept mapping / mind mapping
  72. Monitor Mode (F) - display live image of iSight or other USB webcam on your computer, nice for live demos

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