My iPhone - iPad Applications

A list of 79 iPad apps I use frequently for personal productivity, media creation and sharing is available on this List.ly list. (December 2014)

An updated listing of our family's past iPhone / iPod Touch applications are listed on www.appolicious.com/users/wfryer. (Thanks to Lucy Gray for recommending Appolicious!)

A linked list of recommended iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is available on wiki.wesfryer.com/workshops/handouts/ios. (Updated 23 Dec 2010)

Our family's current installed iPhone applications (178 of them) are as of 01-24-2010: (Larger versions of these iTunes screenshots are available too: part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4)

See the post "Holiday iPhone and iPod Touch Application Pruning" for clickable links of these graphics to larger versions which are easier to read, updated as of 28 Dec 2009.

Our family owns the following iPod games (mainly my daughters play them on their clickwheel iPods)

iPod games we've bought (31 Jan 2008)

The following are iPhone web apps I either have installed and use currently, or have tried and like:

  1. Podcaster
  2. Wikipedia
  3. IM+ for Skype
  4. Receipts
  5. Facebook Mobile
  6. vTap Search (Wikipedia and Wikidictionary)
  7. Kudit
  8. Swaggle
  9. Plotter
  10. iBiblez iPhone Interface
  11. iLatLon
  12. Fandango
  13. TripIt
  14. Google Talk
  15. 43actions (I don't use this anymore, however, instead I use Toodledo)

I have created web bookmarks on my iPhone to the following sites:

  1. Google Reader Mobile (automatically switches to mobile version on iPhone)
  2. Twitter Mobile
  3. Yahoo Calendar
  4. National Weather Service Mobile Radar for Norman, OK
  5. National Weather Service Mobile Radar for Manhattan, KS
  6. Travian
  7. Bible Gateway
  8. Flickr Mobile

The following are outstanding content portals developed for the iPhone

  1. Vanderbilt University on iPhone

Get more web apps:

  1. Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand page for iTouch Web Apps
  2. Apple Web Apps
  3. Get all the Apps

Older versions of this page are archived and also available: