When Student Published Videos Go Viral: Lessons Learned

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In September of 2009, Sarah, the 9 year-old daughter of our keynote speaker posted a 90-second YouTube response to President Obama's speech to US students. This video "went viral" and currently has over 190,000 views. In May 2010, a 6th grader in our keynote presenter's hometown attracted the attention of Ellen Degeneres with his YouTube remix of a Lady Gaga song. Greyson Chance is now a household name and national star with a record contract and his own manager. Join this session to discuss the issues raised by these two situations and lessons learned including Internet safety and digital citizenship responsibilities.

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An audio podcast of this session from 4 March 2011 is available on Fuel for Educational Change Agents.


  1. YouTube (like other tools) is morally neutral: It can be used for good as well as evil (however digital technology is protean!)
  2. We have obligations as educators and parents to help young people learn to make good choices (digital and otherwise)
  3. There are BIG opportunities as well as pitfalls on the digital frontier

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