Storychasers use cameras, camcorders, cell phones, audio recorders, and other devices to create digital stories which document and share our world.

  1. Storychasers
  2. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices
  3. Celebrate Kansas Voices
  4. Storychasers' Image Resources
  5. Storychasers on YouTube

Past Presentations:

  1. 11/4/2010: Storychasing Oklahoma History and Community Voices - Innovative Learning Institute (OU K-20 Center, Norman, Oklahoma) - Session slides available as a PDF (2.9 MB)
    1. BSA Recruiting Video (QuickTime format, from Fresh Brains summer camp, courtesy of Rushton Hurley, Next Vista for Learning)
  2. 1 October 2010 Martin Institute Fall Conference (Memphis, TN) - View this session LIVE on Ustream!
  3. Wesley's February 2010 METC keynote, "Storychasing Literacy," is available as a Slidecast on SlideShare. (Synchronized slides with audio)

Web-Based Tools

  1. VoiceThread (examples in VoiceThread 4 Education wiki)
  2. Voisse
  3. "Comparing options for free audio recording directly to the web: iPadio and Voisse" (post 23 Sept 2010)

Mobile Tools

  1. Audio
    1. iPadio (free phonecasting, iPhone and Andoid App) - example
    2. (free phonecasting)
    3. StoryKit (example)
    4. AudioBoo (iPhone only, can geo-tag)
    5. GeoGraffiti (works with any cell phone, iPhone app available)
    6. GabCast (any phone, commercial not free)
    7. Gcast (any phone, commercial not free)
  2. Video
    1. Ustream Mobile (webcast free with certain cell phones, can record too)
    2. Qik (webcast free with certain cell phones, records automatically, can geotag your location)
  3. Photos
    1. Loopt (post geo-located photos via Twitter, share your location with friends, requires that you have friends' mobile number to see their location)
    2. TwitPic (share geo-located photos via Twitter)
    3. Mobile Flickr (upload photos to Flickr via email, if your cell phone/smart phone geo-tags images, that geo-tag info should transfer to Flickr as part of the included meta info with your pix)
  4. Blogging
    1. Posterous (post text and rich media via email) - Example
    2. Wordpress for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)
    3. BlogPress for iPad

Post-Production Tools

These are websites or tools which can be used after a trip to create a geo-tagged, sharable record of the experience.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Earth

Examples of Geo-Map Mashups

  1. Oklahoma May 3, 1999 Tornado (NewsOK)
  2. Google Lit Trips


  1. AudioBoos from the Zoo
  2. Qik Interviews in Portland