Developing Computational Thinking with Scratch Coding

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Slides and resources for Wesley Fryer's webinar "Developing Computational Thinking with Scratch Coding" on November 30, 2017, for the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

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Playing with Media

These are resources for Wesley Fryer's "Support STEM Skills with Scratch" presentation. Past presentations include:

How are you supporting the development of problem solving skills, creativity, and computational thinking skills in your school today? Scratch software ( is free software from MIT which can be used by students and teachers to create animations, games, simulations, music, art, stories, and more. In this session we'll explore Scratch software, watch and learn from some exemplary student projects, and discuss how you can get started using Scratch with students today.

Check out these updated resources:

  1. Scratch Club at Independence Elementary in Yukon PS
  2. Scratch Camp Oklahoma Resources

Wesley's Scratch Resources for "Technology 4 Teachers" course

Exemplary Spring 2011 UCO Student Projects

  1. Damien's project: The Adventures of Cuddle Bear and Snuggle Bug (tweet)
  2. Gallery of student projects

Exemplary Fall 2010 UNT Student Projects


Other Scratch Project Favorites

  1. Fireworks
  2. Virtual Guitar
  3. The Monster Mash AMV
  4. Thriller at Crackaxle Canyon (mine)