Roadmap to Blended Learning

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Description: What is blended learning and why should educators embrace it? How can we move towards a vision of blended learning in our schools? This session presents an OVERVIEW, WAYPOINTS, and DIRECTIONS for the Roadmap to Blended Learning.

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Roadmap to Blended Learning (October 2013) from Wesley Fryer

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Playing with Media

August 2011:

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Video: "Iowa Did You Know?" (August 2011)

Other Referenced Resources:

  1. eBook Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing
  2. Fun intro: The Hobbit in 5 Minutes [video]
  3. Session tools:
    1. Online Stopwatch
    2. Interactive Fruit Machine
    3. Popplet Lite for iPad (free)
  4. School Public Relations Example: Nebraska Loves Public Schools
  5. OER Examples
    1. MIT Open Courseware
    2. Curriki
  6. Every class needs:
    1. a home base (wiki)
    2. a newspaper (blog)
    3. a virtual locker (password protected LMS)
  7. Classroom 'home base' examples (wikis)
    1. Room 9 Central (Rachel Boyd - built with WikiSpaces)
    2. Technology 4 Teachers (Wesley Fryer - built with Google Sites)
  8. Classroom 'newspaper' examples (blogs)
    1. The KinderKids Blog (Maria Knee, kindergarten - built with Classroom Blogmeister)
    2. Speaking of History (Eric Langhorst, 8th grade - built with Blogger)
    3. Pre-Calculus Scribe Blog from Fall /06 (Darren Kuropatwa, high school - built with Blogger)
  9. QuietTube (YouTube videos without the distractions)


  1. What's Moodle?
    1. 3 minute video (YouTube)
    2. From
    3. From the English WikiPedia
  2. Intro to Moodle
    1. MoodleBites - Moodle Basics (on the official demo server)
    2. Sample course: Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet (on official demo server)
  3. Learning Moodle
    1. Managing a Moodle Course (official documentation)
    2. Moodle Mayhem wiki
  4. Moodle on Mobile Devices
    1. Moodle Update July 2011 from Martin Dougiamas (SlideShare)
    2. Mobile Moodle FAQ
    3. MoodleTouch
    4. Demo site:
  5. Ft Gibson Moodle