Quick-Edit Videography

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Description: The complexity of a technology-based task can be directly measured by the number of “clicks” it takes to perform. In this session we'll explore how "quick-edit videography" mobile apps, tools, and strategies support "the ethic of minimal clicks" and permit MANY more students and teachers to create videos for class assignments. This is a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) session. To fully participate in the session, participants must bring a laptop with a battery capability of at least three hours that can access the internet wireless.

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iVideography Examples

  1. Hands on with Galaxy Note (Best Buy 3 Mar 2012)
  2. Conference Interview (OAESP 19 Jan 2012)
  3. Finger Puppet Videography with the iPad2: Lessons Learned
  4. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes (Actors Commentary video)
  5. iPhone Videography from GNP
  6. Santa Goes to Washington DC (Puppet Pals)

Video Editing Apps

  1. iMovie for iPad ($5)
  2. ReelDirector ($2)

Video Publication Options (free)

  1. YouTube (max 15 min each - my channels: wfryer, ipadwithwes)
  2. Vimeo (no time limit, weekly bandwidth upload limit - my channels: wfryer, blastcast)
  3. Blogger (100 MB max)

YouTube Comment Moderation

  1. Example of Comment Moderation need (Sept 2009)
  2. How to Enable Comment Moderation on YouTube

Teleprompter Apps

  1. iPrompt Pro (free)

Virtual Puppet Videography Apps

  1. Puppet Pals Director's Pass ($3)
  2. Sock Puppets (free - in-app option purchases)

Screencasting Options

  1. Screencasting Resource Page (from Spring 2011 T4T class)
  2. Screenr (free, web-based, 5 min limit)
  3. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (free iOS app)
  4. Explain Everything ($3 iOS app)
  5. Screenflow ($99 Mac-only)

Narrated Slideshow Apps

  1. Sonic Pics ($3)

Other Resources

  1. 3 External Microphone Options for iPads (Nov 2011)

These materials by Wesley A. Fryer are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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iPad Video Interview with iRig Mic at the Lego Store