No Edit Audio Podcasting

Description: Audio recording provides one of the best ways to improve oral communication skills. In this workshop we'll explore a variety of online tools which facilitate "no-edit" audio podcasting. Websites like AudioBoo, Cinch, and SoundCloud offer cloud-based audio recording and sharing using free smartphone applications as well as browser-based interfaces. Learn how no-edit audio podcasts can become important elements in students' digital portfolios.

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Highlighted Examples

  1. Surrey Hills 3rd Graders Share Their Creative Voices (5 April 2012, Yukon PS, Oklahoma)
  2. 5th Graders Develop Problem Solving Skills with Lego WeDo Robotics (13 Feb 2012, Yukon PS, Oklahoma)
  3. 5th Graders Learn about Prosthetics from Veterans (18 Jan 2012, Yukon PS, Oklahoma)
  4. Class Lecturecasts by Wesley Fryer (powered with Podcast Generator - open source - recorded with portable digital voice recorder - Screencast how-to)
  5. Karl Fisch keynote from K20ILI2011 (Cinch)
  6. Dirty Thirties video by Jeanette Hale (phonecasting audio example, Celebrate Oklahoma Voices by Storychasers
  7. Final Exam Study Guide (iPadio- recorded as a phonecast)
  8. Rachel Returns to her Birthplace (AudioBoo)
  9. Discussing Oak Ridge Project (timestamped commeting with Soundcloud)
  10. Make a Song with Sounds from Your Kitchen on an iPad (Jan 2012 with Soundcloud)
  11. More audio examples by students on SHARE: Playing with Media
  12. Google Search Stories Video from Maine: "Cheryl and Morgan: Learning Independence"

Tools (browser & app based)

  1. Cinch - no length limit, supports organization in different 'channels' (Wes' channel)
  2. AudioBoo - limited to 5 minutes each (Wes' channel)
  3. iPadio - app-based recording or phonecasting, phones must be registered to iPadio first (Wes' channel)
  4. Soundcloud - supports time/date stamped commenting (Wes' channel)


  1. Cinch
  2. iPadio

Audio resources from Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing

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Typical Audio Recording Workflow

Playing with Media

Cloud-based Audio Recording Workflow

Feature Comparisons: iPadio, Cinch & AudioBoo