NCTIES 2024 Presentations by Wes Fryer

Thursday, March 7

11:00am: Minecraft MakeCode meets Mark Watney and Mars Colonization (402)

2:15pm: Spark Curiosity with Wonder Links (306C)

4:15pm: SIFTing for Trusted Sources Online (307)

Friday, March 8

10:00am: Media Literacy Lessons from Finland (Exhibitor Hall - Posters)

11:30am: Family and Community Oral History Projects (Workshop - Governors 1)

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Minecraft MakeCode meets Mark Watney and Mars Colonization


Build a Mars Colony In Minecraft with Robots and Code? YES! Come learn how our middle school computer programming students are using Microsoft MakeCode in Minecraft Education to simulate the robotic 3D printing of buildings and farming greenhouses on Mars. Project details are available on

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Spark Curiosity with Wonder Links


Let's explore practical ways to spark student curiosity with engaging videos and thinking routines! A free website (like a Google Site) can serve as a helpful "home base" for your class and specifically for Wonder Links, so students can readily share them with friends, family, and others. Resources on:

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SIFTing for Trusted Sources Online


Media literacy skills are vital! How can students (and adults) decide "who to trust online?" Learn strategies to use the “SIFT Web Literacy Framework” (Stop, Investigate the source, Find Trusted Coverage, Trace to the Original" with students to interrogate new information and sources online. Using lessons from his "Froot Loop Conspiracies" unit focusing on the Apollo Moon Landings (and YouTubers who claim the landings were hoaxes) learn how students in Wes Fryer's classes create InfoPics, sketchnotes, narrated slideshow videos, and other media projects to demonstrate their understanding of how to use SIFT as savvy information consumers.

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Media Literacy Lessons from Finland


In June 2023, I participated in the unique “Teaching for Resilience: FinnishED Workshop” hosted by the Center for an Informed Public at the University of Washington as well as TIP Teachers (Teachers for an Informed Public. The goal of this workshop was to share lessons from the Finnish educators and government leaders about integrating media literacy skills across the curriculum, to build capacity and resilience among citizens to identify and avoid disinformation and misinformation shared online. The “Digital Information Literacy Guide by FaktaBarriEDU” is one of the resources shared with participants, along with a wealth of strategies and lesson ideas. I would like to share a poster session to let other teachers, administrators, and educators at all levels know about these resources and the possibilities they can open for developing media literacy skills of students, teachers, as well as other members of our respective communities.  Resources on:

Family and Community Oral History Projects


Unearth the untold stories in your family and community with the resources, activities, and lessons shared in this engaging workshop. This experience, led by Charlotte middle school teacher Wesley Fryer, is designed to stoke your inspiration and equip you with practical tools for initiating or enriching your own oral history projects.

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Community Workshop Curriculum

Shared Family Oral History Project Curriculum

Family Oral History Unit by Wesley Fryer