Mapping Media Oct 9 2014

Welcome to "our home base" for today's workshop!

Mapping Media to the Common Core (Oct 2014) from Wesley Fryer

Our "Today's Meet" website for Oct 9 is now closed (it has been erased/deleted)

Quick Edit Video Resources (from Mapping Media & iPad Media Camp)


  1. Apps for iPad Media Camp
  2. YouTube Capture
  3. Transfer apps for media on iOS: PhotoSync & InstaShare
  4. Narrated Slideshow: Explain Everything and EduCreations

More Referenced Links

  1. Sphero
  2. QuietTube (YouTube without the distractions)
  3. AdBlock Extension for Google Chrome
  4. Add-On for Google Docs (voice comments)
  5. Book: "It's Complicated" by danah boyd
  6. Book: "The Fourth Part of the World" by Toby Lester
  7. Book: "Presentation Zen" by Garr Reynolds
  8. Wes' Donor's Choose Project for Sphero