Mapping Digital Tools to Interdisciplinary Studies

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Session Description:

Many jobs in our 21st century workforce require interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems, work on collaborative teams, and create "deliverables" by specific deadlines. In this workshop we will explore how a variety of digital tools can be used in a project-based classroom to foster learning, productivity, and collaboration in interdisciplinary approaches to the curriculum. These approaches will address writing across the curriculum as well as the appropriate use of media tools to meet the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) alongside grade-level/content area curriculum objectives. Workshop participants will learn how to use digital tools which support interactive writing, visual notetaking, narrated slideshows/screencasts, and GeoMaps. More information about these media tools is available on

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Playing with Media

Activity 3: Narrated Slideshow (Paper Slide Video)

Activity 4: Visual Notetaking