iPad Media Creation

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Description: Learn a variety of applications, strategies and techniques for helping students CREATE media using iPads, iPod Touches or iPhones. We will explore applications for mobile blogging, audio recording, music creation and videography. To be fully digitally literate, people today need to be able to create compelling messages with media. Come learn how to transform your iPad into a powerful platform for multimedia creation and sharing!

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Be sure to check out Scott Meech's excellent, 16 minute presentation for K12Online11: "iCreate vs. iConsumption" (great links to apps and app videos)


  1. Posterous.com
  2. Posterous iOS App (free)
  3. Set Up a Moderated Class Blog on Posterous (11 minute screencast)
  4. Moderate comments on a Posterous Blog (March 2011 post)
  5. Wordpress for iOS app (free)
  6. More resources on TEXT page of playingwithmedia.com

These materials by Wesley A. Fryer are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Contact details for Wesley are available.


  1. Pano app - panoramic photos ($3)
  2. Diptic app - photo collages ($1)
  3. ToonCamera - make photos look like cartoons ($1)
  4. FX PhotoStudio - apply filters and effects to photos ($1)
  5. Comic Touch - create cartoon strips ($3 - limited free version also available)
  6. PS Express - basic image editing on pre-iOS 5 devices (free)


  1. StoryKit - create stories with images and audio you record (free)
  2. Sonic Pics - narrated slideshows ($3 or limited free version)
  3. AudioBoo - short audio recordings less than 5 minutes (free)
  4. Cinch - any length audio recordings (free)
  5. Using StoryKit, Storyrobe and Sonic Pics on an iOS Device (5 minute screencast also on YouTube)
Playing with Media


  1. iMovie - video editing ($5) - example
  2. PuppetPals ($3 or limited free version) - example
  3. Explain Everything - screencasting ($3)

More links to iPad apps are available on my iOS Apps for Productivity and Fun workshop page.