Google GeoMap Workshop

Description: In this hands-on workshop using laptops, we will learn how to create a Google form students can fill out which includes a field for city and state information. We will connect form results as a "layer" in a Google Map to produce a GeoMap. The resulting GeoMap will have clickable, customized place marks. Each will reveal results from each student's Google Form submission. We will also learn how to create individual GeoMaps, collaborative GeoMaps, and GeoMaps using web resources like earthquake data. Session resources are available on and

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If using GAFE (Google Apps for Education) your school account administrator may need to make Google MyMaps an approved app. If you are unable to create a new Google MyMap during this workshop, use a personal Google/Gmail account instead of your school account.

TedTalks on GeoMaps

  1. Eric Berlow and Sean Gourley: Mapping ideas worth spreading
  2. Carter Emmart: A 3D atlas of the universe
  3. From: 8 great data visualizations from TED Talks

Google Fusion Tables offer more advanced and dynamic GeoMapping possibilities. Check out the Fusion Tables Example Gallery.

Tutorial: Insert a GeoMap on a Google Site (like those used on this webpage!)

Project 1: Google Form-Powered GeoMap


Provide a Google Form for students / a group to complete which includes at least ONE question/field with a city/state as an answer. The teacher then creates a new Google MyMap and chooses to import the results page as a new layer in the map. During the import process, the teacher will specify which field to use for the geo-location of map pins, as well as the field to use for the title.


Finished Example: InnEdCo15 Google Academy Keynote Attendees GeoMap

Our Map:

Project 2: Manually Created GeoMap (individual)


Create a Google MyMap with at least three different placemarks, which represent the location of a current news article. In the placemark, include a summary of the news event and a hyperlink to the news article. Optionally, add an image to at least one placemark and add a video to at least one placemark.


Suggested websites for finding current news articles:

  1. Global Voices
  2. Al Jazeera America (English)
  3. Africa News by Reuters via Map


Create Google MyMap & Add a Location with Search (Oct 2015)

Create a Google "MyMap" (from 2008 - basics of creating map pins and paths are still the same)

Project 3: Manually Created GeoMap (collaborative)


Add at least one current event article map pin to a collaborative Google GeoMap (MyMap) shared by your instructor.


Click on the map icon below to open our collaborative, shared map and add your own map pins. Use the resource links for project 2 (above) to find news article links to add.

Also see the tutorial videos for project 3!

Project 4: Google Sheets Earthquake GeoMap


Create a Geo-Map showing earthquakes around the world in the last 24 hours. You will need to create a Google Sheet with this data first, then import that sheet as a layer in Google MyMaps.


USGS spreadsheet-formatted data


Refer to the previous tutorial videos to add a Google Sheet as a layer in MyMaps.

More Links

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  2. Seven Indispensable Google Chrome Extensions