#EduForum_2017 by @wfryer

EduForum Egypt 2017 keynote, workshop and presentation resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer: (@wfryer)

Keynote description: As automation and the disruptive march of technology continues into virtually every aspect of our lives, it is vital we cultivate both creativity and curiosity in our students. Many jobs and vocations of the future will require teamwork, collaboration, project management, and independent work skills historically lacking in traditional academic classes focusing on isolated, individual performance. In this engaging and challenging session, Dr. Wesley Fryer will present the case for why learners today need to be CREATORS as well as consumers of multimedia, and collaborate regularly in school to acquire the workforce skills of today and tomorrow. By highlighting practical examples as well as available apps and web tools, Dr. Fryer will provide attendees with specific strategies and lesson activities they can apply in their classrooms to more effectively utilize multimedia and encourage students to create multimedia which supports learning goals.

Inspiring Student Creativ...‎(Nov 2017)‎ #EduForumEgypt

Description: Engineering design challenges can provide simple yet challenging ways to engage students in problem solving, collaboration, and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skill development activities. Learn about different design challenges which require minimal or inexpensive supplies readily obtained at a local grocery store. Explore strategies and tips for successfully facilitating STEM lesson activities, in which students are self- directed in seeking different approaches and solutions to design challenges.

Engaging STEM Lesson Idea...yer ‎(EduForum Egypt 2017)‎

Description: The Show with Media digital literacy framework and website (showwithmedia.com) highlights over 12 different media products which students can use to demonstrate their mastery of knowledge and skills. Using a variety of websites and software applications, in this session participants will learn how to help students participate in interactive writing, create narrated images, create narrated slideshows, quick edit videos, GeoMaps, and digital stories. These media projects can be utilized by students and teachers in a wide variety of content areas and grade levels, making adjustments for available technology resources as well as student skills.

Show What You Know with M...yer ‎(#eduforum2017 Egypt)‎

Description: We live in a very visual society and culture. In this hands-on session, participants will learn how to become more effective and powerful visual communicators by creating InfoPics using Adobe Spark using a variety of platforms including laptops, desktops, and tablets. Learn how to find, save, modify and share copyright-friendly images with related textual annotations. Creating and sharing InfoPics addresses the “International Society for Technology in Education” (ISTE) student standards for becoming “Creative communicators” and “Knowledge Constructors,” and the ISTE teacher standard to “model digital age work and learning.”

Create InfoPics using Ado...#eduforum Egypt Nov 2017)