Be a Digital Witness for Jesus

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Description: As Christians we are called to tell others about Christ and how he is active in our lives. As 21st century Christians, we should be "digital witnesses" for Jesus. In this chapel message, we'll reflect on the power of Christian testimony, view examples of Christian Digital Storytelling, and learn how we can use the power of YouTube as well as social media to share our stories about Jesus with others in our community and around the world. Learn more on

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This presentation was shared 5 May 2012 at the Mo-Ranch Men's Conference (Hunt, TX). The recorded audio from that presentation is included in the SlideRocket version embedded below. Referenced videos included:

These materials by Wesley A. Fryer are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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This presentation was shared 14 September 2011 at Oklahoma Christian School (Edmond, OK)

Playing with Media

1. Why?

  1. We are called to live IN and engage WITH the world, not be isolated / separated from it
    1. Matthew 4:12-17 - Jesus preached his message at the crossroads of civilizations, we are called to speak out in the digital crossroads of our age
    2. Reference: Living in Capernaum - Follow the Rabbi
  2. Personal testimony is the foundational method for sharing Jesus’ gospel
    1. 1 Peter 3:15-16 - Always be ready to share how God is at work in your life, and how it is you came to claim the name of Jesus for salvation
  3. Greyson Chance, YouTube, Lady Gaga, Paparazzi, Ellen and Jesus

2. What - Examples

  1. Rolling Green Outreach Ministry (YouTube)
  2. REMIX: Bible Book Bop (YouTube)
  3. Minchey (Testimony video on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices)
  4. Ethan’s Story (story of faith on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices)
  5. 10 year old reflections about Jesus on Christmas Eve (Podcast on YouTube)
  6. PreSchool Christmas Program 2007 (YouTube)
  7. BLASTcast (5th grade Sunday School blog)

3. How - Resources

  1. 3 Minutes About Jesus Project (
  2. Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing (eBook)

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