Deepening our Learning Through Storytelling: creativity, STEM and stories

Description: As learners of all ages (teachers and students) we need to “play with media” and utilize media tools to communicate. Good stories start with good writing and an invitation to share. In this session we’ll explore and discuss examples of digital media focusing specifically on science and math themes.

Wes' STEM curriculum:

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  1. Free
  2. Runs on Windows and Macs
  3. From the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT
  4. Help students develop computational thinking skills, practice problem solving, & learn to program computers
  5. July 2012 "Scratch Camp" Curriculum

Intro to Scratch from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

An audio recording of this session on September 28th in Yarmouth, Maine, is available on "Fuel for Educational Change Agents."

A backchannel on Today's Meet is available for the Sept 28th presentation in Yarmouth.

Go Green! Go Electric! (3 min, 49 sec)