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Much of the world has gone digital, so must learning at school. Creativity is vital, and good leadership matters. Stagnant, accomodation-level technology integration makes technology investments in our schools a waste of money. School leaders can and should encourage teachers to use digital learning tools in transformative ways to open new doors of opportunity for students as well as parents. By focusing on creating, communicating / sharing, and collaborating, principals can help develop a shared instructional vocabularly with teachers which is focused on student engagement. Without creation, there can be no creativity. How will you let your students create? How will you give students choices? How will your students teach the curriculum? These are essential questions to ask together with teachers, as we seek to effectively (and legally) "talk with media / pictures" and leverage the constructive power of digital media tools for learning inside and outside the classroom.

This presentation was shared at the "Co-teaching and Collaboration Conference" in St Paul, Minnesota on 11 Nov 2010, at the School Community of Excellence.This is a modification of my session, "Leading Schools with Digital Vision in a Bubblesheet World."

I. Introduction

Welcome to the Future by Brad Paisley (YouTube)

Video: A Scout Is.... (QuickTime Format)

Video: Ustream from San Diego Beach

II. Key Messages

World has gone digital: So must learning @ school

Reputation Management and Social Media (new PEW research on digital footprints - 26 May 2010)

Did You Know 4.0 video


Don't waste tech $$$

Kaplan Professor Video Ad

3. Model transformative digital learning

Shared vocabulary of instructional expectations

  • Create
  • Communicate / Share
  • Collaborate

Create with Media

Ask: (the 3 Hows)

  1. How will you let your students create?
  2. How will you give students choices?
  3. How will your students teach the curriculum?

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