Digital Badging Websites with WordPress, BadgeOS & Credly

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Workshop description: Digital badges can provide a way for students, teachers, or anyone else to show evidence of their learning in a workshop, course, or other context. In this intermediate/advanced session, we'll explore how to use the free/open source web platform WordPress, the free WordPress plugin BadgeOS, and the website Credly to create a Mozilla Open Badges-compliant website. We'll explore how to create a site which grants badges immediately following user completion of specified steps, without moderation. MacBook Maestro ( is an example site supporting this use of Digital Badges. We'll also explore how the free iOS app and website can be used to collect and share earned digital badges.

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Referenced Resources

  2. WordPress (free, but you must provide your own hosting)
  3. BadgeOS for WordPress (free plug-in)
  5. Credly for iOS (free)

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