Classroom Backchannels

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Description: Learn how to create and use online ‘backchannels’ in the classroom to facilitate student discussion, collaboration and reflection. A variety of backchannel websites will be used and explored including Etherpad and TodaysMeet. The use of Twitter hashtags for communication and collaboration will also be addressed.

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Playing with Media

Sample Presentation: 37 interesting ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom


What is Etherpad?

  1. See an example!
  2. Definition (English WikiPedia)
  3. Etherpad Foundation
  4. Etherpad on Google Code

Where can I use Etherpad?

  3. (Etherpad lite)

  1. Can set expiration date
  2. Less public than Twitter

  1. Can be private
  2. More features cost $


  1. Uses a unique hashtag
  2. Example for this conference: #nisdpalooza2012
  3. Can be better for conferences and events than for classes
  4. #EdChat is just one of many educational hashtag chats happening regularly on Twitter
  5. #edapp is 1 of my favs (educational iOS application tweets)

Other Resources

  1. Kicking it up a Notch: Back-channels in the Classroom (2008 K12Online presentation by Scott Snyder)