AV Needs

For workshops and presentations, these are the generic/usual requests I make for AV equipment.

If you can, please send me:

  1. The address and room where we'll have the workshop
  2. a phone number and cell phone number I can use in the event something comes up the day of or just prior to the workshop

If you can provide the following AV equipment for the session that would be great, if there is a problem with any of this let me know and I'll make arrangements to bring these items:

  1. a computer data projector with a laptop VGA video cable
  2. a location near the projector to set my laptop
  3. external PC computer speakers with a standard 1/8" stereo male plug to connect to my laptop -or- a laptop connection (standard 1/8" stereo male plug) to the room AV mixer
  4. an electrical AC power strip to plug in my laptop
  5. a lapel microphone with new batteries
  6. a wireless microphone with new batteries (if available) to use for audience feedback / participation