Tell a Story in 5 Photos

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Description: Visual literacy and visual communication skills can be developed effectively through image-based communication. In this session we will discuss examples of five photo stories, explore copyright-friendly websites for finding images to use in five photo stories, and learn how to create and share five photo stories with a variety of web-based tools.

Inspiration for this from Curby Alexander: "Five-Picture Charades: A Flexible Model for Technology Training in Digital Media Tools and Teaching Strategies"

See resources in "Mapping Media to the Curriculum:" 5 Photo Stories

An audio recording of this presentation for teachers in Kansas City Kansas Public Schools on May 29, 2012, is available on "Fuel for Educational Change Agents."

5 Photo Story Sites / Examples

  1. Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators (Flickr group)
  2. Getting a New Haircut (5 photo story)
  3. Getting a New Haircut (VoiceThread - YouTube screencast excerpt)
  4. 5 Photo Stories blogs: On Posthaven and on Blogger
  5. PD Sandbox (Wes' Posterous blog)
  6. 5 Card Flickr from Alan Levine

Visual Image Power

  1. Power of Visual Images (Wes' fav Flickr photos)
  2. Presentation Zen (Star Wars example)
  3. Life After Death By PowerPoint (4 min, 24 sec)
  4. Pecha Kucha Presentations
  5. Storychasers

Posterous Blogs

  1. Email simplicity is the key!
  3. Set Up a Moderated Class Blog on Posterous (screencast tutorial)

Copyright Advice for learners using media (images / audio / video)

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