Geo-StoryChasing: Mobile Digital Storytelling!

Lots of stories are connected to places. Sometimes we can recount and share a story better when we are in a specific location, on-site. This session presents tools and projects focused on creating and sharing digital stories connected to specific places. Most of these can be used with cell phones and are ideal for student field trips or other travel opportunities.

Frames for today:

  1. What’s your media platform for knowledge sharing? (23 July 2009 post)
  2. From Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning: Levels of Technology Use
  3. Hangzhou Silk Museum (China) Images (Nov 2009)
  4. BRINGing it OUT a notch by Diego Leal (K12Online09 - Students on a field trip, storychasing different museum elements)

Mobile Tools

  1. Audio
    1. AudioBoo (Smartphone only, can geo-tag)
    2. GeoGraffiti (works with any cell phone, iPhone app available)
    3. Phonecasting
      1. (any phone, 100 MB free)
      2. ipadio
      3. Cinch
      4. GabCast (commercial)
      5. Gcast (no longer accepting accounts for phonecasting)
  2. Video
    1. iPhone GS: Direct YouTube Upload
    2. PixelPipe (bulk upload to multiple target sites)
      1. Ready to mobile-blog our vacation (July 2009)
      2. Kilauea Crater
    3. Qik (webcast free with certain cell phones, records automatically, can geotag your location)
    4. Ustream Mobile (webcast free with certain cell phones, can record too)
    5. CNN iReport - CNN Mobile (for iPhone)
    6. Webcasting on a Shoestring
  3. Photos
    1. Loopt (post geo-located photos via Twitter, share your location with friends, requires that you have friends' mobile number to see their location)
    2. TwitPic (share geo-located photos via Twitter)
    3. Mobile Flickr (upload photos to Flickr via email, if your cell phone/smart phone geo-tags images, that geo-tag info should transfer to Flickr as part of the included meta info with your pix)

Post-Production Tools

These are websites or tools which can be used after a trip to create a geo-tagged, sharable record of the experience.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Earth


  1. AudioBoo: Losing Your First Tooth is Exciting
  2. AudioBoos from the Zoo
  3. webcasts from Iowa State House: "Student Voices in the Iowa Legislature" - Podcast interview with Principal and Superintendent
  4. TwitPic: Hudson River Landing (15 Jan 2009) - In Hudson River Landing, PR Pros Were Not the First Responders (5 Feb 2009)
  5. YouTube - Student Created VFT from Mount Vernon (Howe Public Schools, Oklahoma)
  6. BRINGing it OUT a notch by Diego Leal (K12Online09 - Students on a field trip, storychasing different museum elements)
  7. Storychasing Creativity - Storychasers YouTube Channel
  8. Qik Interviews in Portland
  9. Google Lit Trips