This is part of the Ustream chat archive from the 16 April 2010 conversation with NC State faculty part of the New Literacy Collaborative.

right John Lee?

9:45 sbkellogg: @kevin - like!

9:45 matthewkr: where is the research on wikipedia being a more reliable source than print?

9:45 bethanyvsmith: Nature did the most definitive study between Britaanica & Wikipedia

9:45 jelkimantis: I don't remember, but I've seen it.

9:46 jelkimantis: It's pretty old now, If I remember correctly. It was before Britannica allowed user created content.

9:46 bethanyvsmith: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1038_3-5997332.html

9:46 bethanyvsmith: 2005

9:46 matthewkr: thanks @bethany - when trying to convince new wikipedia users i'm always wanting to cite the research!

9:48 sbkellogg: Can someone post the link to the Google moderator page?

9:48 bethanyvsmith: http://www.google.com/moderator/#15/e=5b35&t=5b35.40&f=5b35.268ac

9:48 jelkimantis: http://goo.gl/ZVn4

9:48 sbkellogg: thanks again

9:49 jelkimantis: ooo, bethany is faster than me... gar.

9:49 bethanyvsmith: get used to it Jon :)

9:49 haspires: An FI team has defined "a new learning ecology" for 1:1 envrionments.

jelkimantis wonders if the modality is different or new enough to continue calling this "new"...

9:50 bethanyvsmith: I like the term "mulit-modal"

9:51 lisahervey: picture books are multimodal

9:52 lisahervey: Moje from UofM says that they are not "new" literacies but rather our attention to them is new.

9:53 bethanyvsmith: You have to change the way you teach

9:53 bethanyvsmith: and that scares people I think

9:53 matthewkr: you have to change the way you approach knowledge/content

9:53 bethanyvsmith: this is where PBL & Inquiry really come into play

9:54 haspires: Project Based Learning rocks!

9:54 jelkimantis: Lisa -- TPACK!

9:54 sbkellogg: So where does C & I fit into to helping teachers implement PBL and transforming there learning in a school culture that makes change difficult.

9:55 sbkellogg: oops- their and ? sorry about that.

9:55 bethanyvsmith: it is a hard balance to teach both what we want schools to be and the reality of what schools are

9:56 jelkimantis: WOW!

9:56 bethanyvsmith: our pre-service teachers need to experience PBL as our students in order to be able to teach it as well

9:56 jelkimantis: lol.

9:56 sbkellogg: Standards are great, but what about the means (curriculum) to implement them?

9:56 jelkimantis: Presentation Zen.

9:57 bethanyvsmith: @Jon now u didn't :)

9:57 lisahervey: AMEN!

9:57 bethanyvsmith: Amen!!!!

9:58 bethanyvsmith: Lets have Pecha Kucha nights in our classroom

9:58 bethanyvsmith: Richard Mayer talks about the negation of learning when you read PP

9:58 bethanyvsmith: I think Collaboration is the key to all these 21st Cent Skills

9:59 bethanyvsmith: And is one of the most important skills we can help our students

9:59 jelkimantis: GPLv3!

9:59 sbkellogg: Five Rules for Better PowerPoints: http://michaelhyatt.com/2007/01/five-rules-for-better-presentations.html

9:59 lisahervey: Agreed @bethany

10:00 bethanyvsmith: Here is my - How to Not be boring will presenting http://www.slideshare.net/bethanyvsmith/ignite-raleigh-bethanyvsmith

10:00 bethanyvsmith: I think Moodle facilitates that as well

10:01 bethanyvsmith: grabbing articles and resources from multiple places

10:01 bethanyvsmith: I never could read a book on a smartphone but can on an ipad

10:01 jelkimantis: I read books / texts on my Storm...

10:02 bethanyvsmith: is flash going away?

10:03 sbkellogg: Not for a long time.

10:03 sbkellogg: HTML5 might replace flash for video, but not rich websites for a while

10:03 jelkimantis: flash is blocked from iPad completely.

10:03 bethanyvsmith: @ Jon I doubt flash will ever be on ipad

10:04 bethanyvsmith: html5 will give flash a run for its money

10:04 jelkimantis: @bethany - there is a long conversation about that...

10:04 matthewkr: and cloud computing...

10:04 bethanyvsmith: but flash is not accessible

10:04 bethanyvsmith: but we do rely a good deal on flash apps in our Web 2.0 tools

10:05 lisahervey: Not to mention that Firefox best supports many Web-based educational tools.

10:05 jelkimantis: Wes, Thank you so much, we'll mute you and close this part of our section...

10:05 jelkimantis: I'll chat with you on skype for a minute!

10:05 sbkellogg: Right click on this video and see.

10:05 bethanyvsmith: @sbkellog - :)

10:06 sbkellogg: THANK YOU!!!

10:06 susankmiller: <applause>

10:06 rmack1272: Thanks

10:06 bethanyvsmith: Thanks Wes for "coming to NCSU"

10:06 gmichdixon: Thanks for sharing.

10:07 jfaulconer: Thanks Wes!

10:07 carl_young: Thanks Wes -- great session!

10:07 bethanyvsmith: @ Jon will u be broadcasting teh rest of teh New Lit session?