Amplifying Your Brand On a Fractured Web


Steven Johnson is right: “Chance favors the connected mind.” However, our social media landscape is increasingly fractured, polluted and confusing. What strategies and platforms should we, as educational entrepreneurs in 2024, use to amplify our ideas and brand? How can we best connect with other thought leaders and “build our tribe” with social media? In this session we will explore how SubStack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Instagram, Threads and BlueSky can be leveraged effectively to “discover new ideas,” connect with others sharing mutual interests, and amplify our personal brand.

Amplifying Your Brand on a Fractured Web (June 2024) by

An online "live" presentation during the June 19-20, 2024 "Expert Educator Exchange Conference." (Wednesday, June 19, 2024: 5 pm ET / 4 pm CT / 3 pm MT / 2 pm PT) Read more about the conference via EdSurge.

(Slides and referenced resources for this presentation are still being updated!)

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