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Video Reflection Rubric

When writing a blog post to share on your T4T blog for an assignment, follow the the guidelines and rubric below. When graded, full credit will only be awarded for posts meeting ALL these requirements.

  1. Title: Give your blog post an appropriate, short and engaging title. Think of this as writing a headline for a newspaper article. Get people's attention, but focus on the topic of the post.
  2. Style: Write with a natural style, including hyperlinks as appropriate and relevant. Do NOT write "click here to see the video," instead write the title of the video and then link that title.
  3. Hyperlinks: Include relevant hyperlinks in your post. At a minimum, include a link to the original video on which you are reflecting.
  4. Embedded Video: Embed the video in your blog post after an introductory paragraph, using provided embed code on the website. (Use this screencast to learn how.)
  5. Content: Answer and respond to the following questions / prompts in your post. Write at least one paragraph in response to each question / prompt at a minimum.
    1. What is your most significant "takeaway" or learning point from the video? Why? Elaborate in detail.
    2. How does this video / the ideas of this video relate or connect with your own experiences from your life. Elaborate.
    3. What are some of the implications of this video / the ideas of this video for your own teaching practice and pedagogic creed as a educator?

 No Credit Half Credit Full Credit
TitleTitle is irrelevant or inappropriateTitle is weak Title is appropriate,short and engaging
StyleWriting is very short, poorly worded, nonsensical,and/or incompleteWriting is OK but a bit stiltedWriting style is natural
HyperlinksNo hyperlinks are includedAt least 1 hyperlink is included, but it is not naturally linked (it reads "click here")Several appropriate hyperlinks are included, and they are linked in natural language which flows as it is read. (No "click here" links)
Embedded VideoNo embedded videos are includedn/aReferenced videos are embedded within the post.
 ContentContent is very short, not thoughtful, seems inauthentic.Mediocre ideas.Well thought-out ideas, lots of elaboration, authentic voice is evident.

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