Assignments for Week 1:

  1. Review the course website (wiki.wesfryer.com/t4t), including the syllabus and section on web-based confidentiality / privacy.
  2. Watch the Course Welcome Video.
  3. Login to the class blog (for your section) using the instructions emailed to you via WebCT.
    1. 9 am class (section 20449) - t4tspring2011.edublogs.org
    2. 11 am class (section 20448) - kidblog.org/T4TSpring2011Fryer
  4. Read the chapter / article, "Redefining the Beginner."
  5. Write and share an introductory post on our class blog:
    1. Explaining your professional goals as an educator, and
    2. Telling at least one story of an educator who inspired you along your career path in the past.

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