YouTube Tips and Tricks


  1. Block all YouTube Ads with UBlock Origin Chrome Extension (memory lightweight)
  2. The new (and awesome!) YouTube for Kids app (iOS and Android)
  3. How to create a playlist of videos to share with students in class
  4. How content filtering can work with YouTube
    1. YouTube Restricted Mode
    2. Managing YouTube Settings in the G Suite Admin Console
    3. Your school's content filter / firewall may provide other options
  5. How to create a YouTube account
  6. How to create a YouTube channel
  7. How to set upload defaults for your YouTube channel
  8. How should students TURN IN videos to you?
    1. Via Google Classroom
    2. Via Seesaw
    3. As a public or unlisted link from Google Drive, shared to your learning management system
    4. NEVER via email!
  9. How to manage videos / make changes to videos on your channel with the VIDEO MANAGER

YouTube Playlist Examples

Access this resource page with a QR code:
or this link:

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Check out my daughter's tutorial video from 2015 on how she creates and edits videos for her YouTube channel: