Quick-Edit Videography

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Description: The complexity of a technology-based task can be directly measured by the number of “clicks” it takes to perform. In this session we'll explore how "quick-edit videography" mobile apps, tools, and strategies support "the ethic of minimal clicks" and permit MANY more students and teachers to create videos for class assignments. This is a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) session. To fully participate in the session, participants must bring a laptop with a battery capability of at least three hours that can access the internet wireless.

Backchannel for March 5 workshop

iVideography Examples

  1. Hands on with Galaxy Note (Best Buy 3 Mar 2012)
  2. Conference Interview (OAESP 19 Jan 2012)
  3. Finger Puppet Videography with the iPad2: Lessons Learned
  4. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes (Actors Commentary video)
  5. iPhone Videography from GNP
  6. Santa Goes to Washington DC (Puppet Pals)

Video Editing Apps

  1. iMovie for iPad ($5)
  2. ReelDirector ($2)

Video Publication Options (free)

  1. YouTube (max 15 min each - my channels: wfryer, ipadwithwes)
  2. Vimeo (no time limit, weekly bandwidth upload limit - my channels: wfryer, blastcast)
  3. Blogger (100 MB max)

YouTube Comment Moderation

Teleprompter Apps

  1. iPrompt Pro (free)

Virtual Puppet Videography Apps

  1. Puppet Pals Director's Pass ($3)
  2. Sock Puppets (free - in-app option purchases)

Screencasting Options

  1. Screencasting Resource Page (from Spring 2011 T4T class)
  2. Screenr (free, web-based, 5 min limit)
  3. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (free iOS app)
  4. Explain Everything ($3 iOS app)
  5. Screenflow ($99 Mac-only)

Narrated Slideshow Apps

  1. Sonic Pics ($3)

Other Resources

iPad Video Interview with iRig Mic at the Lego Store
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