Lecturecasting with Audio and Video

While not the pinnacle of innovative technology integration, lecturecasting CAN provide transformative learning experiences for students as well as instructors. When students are absent, want to revisit portions of a lecture for clarification, or when a geographically distant student wants to attend part or all of a course, lecturecasting can be a wonderful thing. In this session we'll explore free options for sharing audio as well as video lecturecasts. Demonstrated software programs and web services will include Podcast Generator, Ustream, Blip.tv, Podesk, Audacity, Switch, Wordpress, and Posterous.

This is a proposed session for ODLA 2010 on 12 November 2010.

Sample Lecturecast Channels

  1. Audio with Podcast Generator: cicpodcasts.speedofcreativity.org (Fall 2010 UNT - Course website)
  2. Video with Ustream: t4t.blip.tv (Spring 2010 UCO - Course website)

Tutorial / Explanatory Posts

Referenced Tools

  1. Course FAQ (with Screencasts and Google Form) - faqt4t.blogspot.com

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