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Description: Smartphones like the iPhone have ushered in a new golden age of digital photography. The best camera is the one you have with you. The higher resolution along with the editing/processing capabilities and uploading/sharing options of modern smartphones make iPhoneography a flexible as well as fun type of digital photography. In this session we'll explore a variety of concepts, techniques, and applications related to iPhoneography.

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Example of why we need to discuss responsibilities / consequences which go with powerful smartphones / online sharing: A High School Student Tweet Heard ‘Round Kansas (Nov 2011)

iPhoneography Examples

  1. Wesley's iPhoneography Examples from Montana
  2. The Year in Photos in Song (Dean Shareski)
  3. Bob Sprankle's Art: iPhoneography, Photo 365 and PhotoShop
  4. Dean Shareski's 2011 Photo 365 Flickr set
  5. "There's a Plane in the Hudson" (TwitPic - Jan 2009)
  6. Linda Yollis' Classroom 365 Project
  7. Light Painting (with Slow Shutter app, Glif & Gorillapod)
  8. iPhoneography Examples from Fright Night 2010
  9. Wesley's Photo 365 site
  10. Photo 365 Blogs Wes follows (Google Reader bundle)
  11. Flickr iPhonography Group
  12. Geo-located photo map on Flickr (Glacier National Park)

Concepts & Sharing Platforms

Capture Apps

  1. Pro HDR ($2)
  2. Panoramas
    1. iOS 6 Built-in Panorama feature
    2. Bubbli (free) examples: Microsoft Store in OKCNW Library in OKC - Yukon Performing Arts Auditorium
    3. Pano ($2 - example - Wesley's recent 'pano' tagged photos on Flickr)
    4. PhotoSynth (free - main website - example)
    5. Sfera ($2)
    6. 360 Panorama ($1)
  3. Fast Camera ($1 - capture exact photos of jumping people)
  4. GifBoom (free - example)
  5. InstaWeather ($1 - example)
  6. Action Camera (not in iTunes US as of 12/7/2011 - example)
  7. SlowShutter ($1 - example)
  8. GroupShot ($1 - retouch & combine multiple images to make the perfect pic)
  9. TouchRetouch ($1 - amazing photo masking) - basic video tutorial
  10. Stop Motion Cafe (free) - can do time lapse)

Editing Apps

Upload Apps

  1. Instagram (free - my Instagram - also on ExtraGram)
  2. TwitPict (free)
  3. Posterous (free)
  4. Tumblr (free)
  5. Wordpress for iOS (free)

App lists

Other Resources

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