iPad Quick Edit Videography

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Description: Learn to shoot, edit, and publish a video on an iPad in a fraction of the time this process takes with a laptop computer and “traditional” video gear! Flash-based video camcorders on mobile computing devices (like the iPad) can empower learners to create and publish “quick edit” videos. In this session we will view example iPad videos, discuss "menu thinking" for digital media in the classroom, explore different apps for quick-edit videography, and learn to to successfully facilitate student-created iPad videos. Prepare to have fun and unleash a wealth of creative ideas with your students during and following this workshop!
iPad Quick Edit Videography

Additional resources are available on the "Quick Edit Video" page of Mapping Media to the Common Core.

Step by Step Tutorial

Recordings of previous sessions:

  1. An audio recording of this session from July 24, 2012
  2. 99¢ Video Podcast (December 2011)

YouTube for Education Resources

Quick Edit Video Examples

  1. 5 Teacher-created iPad Videos: "Favorite Videos from iPad Media Camp"
  2. Lead Bullets Video Example (> 18K views)
  3. Jacob's Ladder Tutorial (>150,000 views - by Alexander)
  4. Trapper's Rendezvous 2010: Trading an Alligator Tooth for a Laptop
  5. Engineering Design Project (8th grade)
    1. Draft Design for a Complex Machine to Generate Electricity from Water Power
    2. Good Things Can Come From Science and Engineering Projects in School
    3. Alexander Answers Questions About His Simple Machine Project with AudioBoo
  6. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes - Actor's Commentary: The Hobbit in 5 Minutes
  7. Digitizing Student Portfolios with an iPod Touch
  8. Storychasing NASA History at Space Center Houston
  9. Marcus Truelove's YouTube Channel (8th grade US History, Yukon Middle School)
  10. (not an iPad) 72 Years of Free Barbecue (more info)
  11. Finger Puppet Videography with the iPad2: Lessons Learned
  12. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes (Actors Commentary video)
  13. iPhone Videography from GNP
  14. Santa Goes to Washington DC (Puppet Pals)
  15. Movie Trailer Examples:
    1. Playing with Media Trailer
    2. The Cookie Monster: An Absence of Cookies (made during today's workshop by 9th grader, Alex Fryer)

iPad Videography Apps

Video Editing Apps

  1. iMovie for iPad ($5)
  2. Others: ReelDirector ($2), vlix (free), Splice ($4), Videolicious (free), Klip (free), Socialcam (free)
  3. Pinnacle Studio for iPad ($13) isn't for "quick editing" but IS very robust / capable (see "Digital Storytelling with Pinnacle Studio for iPad")

Teleprompter Apps

  1. iPrompt Pro (free)
  2. On Air (free)

Virtual Puppet Videography Apps

Screencasting / Narrated Slideshow Apps

  1. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (free)
  2. EduCreations (free)
  3. Explain Everything ($3)
  4. Other screencasting / narrated slideshow app options: SonicPics ($3) ScreenChomp (free), and Replaynote ($5).
  5. More resources on Screencasting / Narrated Slideshows on Mapping Media to the Common Core

Video & Photo Sharing (wirelessly transfer media to/from an iPad)

  1. PhotoSync ($2 - Send photos & videos between iOS devices and computers)

iPad Microphone Options

  1. iRig Microphone ($60)
  2. TASCAM’s iXZ adapter (for professional XLR microphones)
  3. Apple's Camera Connection Kit with a USB mic like a Snowball
  4. Post: 3 External Microphone Options for iPads (Nov 2011)

iPad Mirroring Options

  1. iPad VGA Adapter ($30) - Works best for apps involving video/audio recording
  2. Air Server Software ($15)
  3. Reflection App ($15)
  4. Apple TV ($100 - requires HDMI connection)
  5. Kanex ATV Pro ($60 - converts HDMI to VGA)

Storyboarding Resources

Other Curriculum for iPad Quick Edit Videography

  1. 1 hour interactive videoconference (scheduled via the CILC - more info about Wes' PD workshops via videoconference is available)
  2. iPad Media Camp (3 day BYOI - "bring your own iPad")
  3. iPad Productivity Apps (iPadWithWes.com  - 1 day BYOI - "bring your own iPad")

iPad Video Interview with iRig Mic at the Lego Store
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