Visual Communication with iOS InfoPics

Description: We live in a very visual society and culture. In this hands-on session, participants will learn how to become more effective and powerful visual communicators by creating InfoPics on an iOS device. Learn how to find, save, modify and share copyright-friendly images with related textual annotations.

Official ISTE 2017 BYOD Session Registration Page (Monday, June 26, 12:00–1:00 pm, 008AB)

Recommended Apps:
  1. Adobe Spark Post
  2. Typorama
  3. Phonto
  4. Pic Collage for Kids

Why InfoPics?

Why InfoPics? by @wfryer ‎(June 2017)‎


In this 21 minute tutorial video, Wes Fryer demonstrates how to use the iPad app "Adobe Spark Post" to create and share an infopic. The 

Summary Slides for "ISTE Bytes" Session

Sunday, June 25, 1:00–2:00 pm, Building/Room: Lila Cockrell Theater

Visual Communication with iOS InfoPics