Geo-Apps: Geographic Curriculum Connections

1- Overview

GeoApps are applications which permit learners to connect concepts to geography. Google Maps is a browser-based Geo-application environment, and Google Earth is a software-based GeoApp. We'll explore both and learn how to use resources created by others as well as make our own.

2- Lesson

  1. Google Map Example: 1:1 Schools
  2. Favorite integration example: Google Lit Trips (by Jerome Burg)
  3. Using Google Earth to measure diameter

  4. More integration examples from Google for Educators
  5. Introducing Google Maps and Google Earth
  6. Crib Sheets
    1. Google Maps
    2. Google Earth
    3. SketchUp
  7. Activity: Collaborative "Favorite Places" Map

    1. Using your Google Account join as a collaborator a "Favorite Places" map. (View examples: a GWE class' map and another - Section 62 - Section 63 from Wesley's Spring 2010 T4T class.)
    2. Add a place marker identifying your favorite place.
    3. Add content to the place marker using the rich text editing tools.
    4. Advanced: Add an image or other media to the place marker using the HTML editor.
    5. Explore some of your colleagues favorite places...
  8. Sketchup & The 3D Warehouse

3- Assignment

Create an original Google Map on a topic of your choice which:
  1. Includes at least 10 placemarks
  2. Includes some text, hyperlinks, and images on the placemarks
  3. At least 3 of the hyperlinks should go to a relevant WikiPedia page.

4- Resources

  1. LOTS more GeoApp resources from Wesley's November 2009 GWE presentation in Austin, Texas.

Content licensed Creative Commons License by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery