Tell a Story in 5 Photos

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Description: Visual literacy and visual communication skills can be developed effectively through image-based communication. In this session we will discuss examples of five photo stories, explore copyright-friendly websites for finding images to use in five photo stories, and learn how to create and share five photo stories with a variety of web-based tools.

Inspiration for this from Curby Alexander: "Five-Picture Charades: A Flexible Model for Technology Training in Digital Media Tools and Teaching Strategies"

See resources in "Mapping Media to the Curriculum:" 5 Photo Stories

An audio recording of this presentation for teachers in Kansas City Kansas Public Schools on May 29, 2012, is available on "Fuel for Educational Change Agents."

5 Photo Story Sites / Examples

  1. Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators (Flickr group)
  2. Getting a New Haircut (5 photo story)
  3. Getting a New Haircut (VoiceThread - YouTube screencast excerpt)
  4. 5 Photo Stories blogs: On Posthaven and on Blogger
  5. PD Sandbox (Wes' Posterous blog)
  6. 5 Card Flickr from Alan Levine

Visual Image Power

Copyright Advice for learners using media (images / audio / video)

  1. H: Homegrown
  2. P: Public Domain
  3. C: Creative Commons licensed media
  4. F: Fair Use

The Cost of Copyright Confusion

Copyright? What's Copyright?

Get Creative! (Creative Commons)

What is Fair Use? (see Chapter 4, starting at 6:00)

Original - Trimmed version available

Copyright Friendly Image Sources

  1. Flickr Creative Commons
  2. Compfight - 1 page PDF handout available
  3. Wylio
  4. More: Images and Audio
  5. Google Images Advanced Search does permit filtering by license
More Copyright / Fair Use / Creative Commons / Intellectual Property resources from Storychasers.

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